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Staff Unicycles 'Part3'

Today we have Rogers "Prototype" 36" Unicycle, we call it the prototype because almost every part excluding the saddle and the cranks were at one point were a prototype part for a new product you can now buy on the UDC website.This is set up as it came back from Mongolia where he rode it for the 240Km.  It apparently performed superbly with the disc brake and set-up being greatly admired.

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To starting at the top we have a 2007 Kris Holm Freeride saddle in all black connected to what is now the Nimbus 'Shadow' Handle base with the rest of the Shadow handle set on that. Just this Shadow handle was one the first working prototypes we got from Taiwan and with Roger being a 36 lover it’s been tested extensively. The seatpost was actually a free sample from Taiwan which came in a lovely anodized purple color thankfully the retail Nimbus 'Pivotal' Seatpost that this prototype part became are anodized black.

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Next the frame was the Nimbus 'Impulse' prototype sample when we released our first unicycle with a disk brake, along with the hub both which were the first working prototypes of these products.  As you can probably see the frame is "raw" it hasn’t been painted and has no real finish.  The cranks are Nimbus Venture cranks in 150mm length which is surprising as Roger normally rides with 114mm or shorter cranks on his 36s.. Yes 114mm we think he’s crazy to.

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Pedals are yes you've guessed it the prototype samples we got from Taiwan for out Nimbus Studded pedals which are great pedal extremely light but grip like the equivalent metal pedal. And that’s about it for Rogers "Prototype" 36" Unicycle the rim was probably something found lying around UDC headquarters along with the Nimbus Nightrider tyre.


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