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Driving Range - Unicycle.com day out!

Every now and then we like to go out and do something completely unrelated to unicycling! We decided to go to the driving range.. None of us can really play golf but we had lots of fun trying to hit the ball!

Nick - starting the day very enthusiastically at the driving range!

[caption id="attachment_8737" align="alignnone" width="625"]driving range Nick[/caption]

Roger - wondering where his ball went..

[caption id="attachment_8745" align="alignnone" width="625"] Roger[/caption]

Paul - setting up his shot! He definitely hit the ball the furthest out of us all

[caption id="attachment_8738" align="alignnone" width="625"] Paul[/caption]

Rachael - happy just to be out!

[caption id="attachment_8749" align="alignnone" width="625"] Rachael[/caption]

We played a little game to see who could get closest to the flag... Rachael won but as you can see none of us got very close to the flag!!!

[caption id="attachment_8751" align="alignnone" width="625"] target practice[/caption]

We really  enjoyed our day out at the driving range followed by an epic lunch at the pub..

[caption id="attachment_8757" align="alignnone" width="2574"] The UDC Team[/caption]


Finally... Thanks to the Boss Man for taking us all out.

[caption id="attachment_8739" align="alignnone" width="625"] Boss Man[/caption]

My staff!

Here is what my staff get up to on a sunny lunch time here at UDC.

UDC office antics

It's Wednesday morning and so far today we have eaten snowballs, teacakes, brunch bars and we havent yet had our "tea and biscuit" break...We are having a daft hat day too..



Rach, Nick, Paul

Paul (looking alot like Jenson button) & Roger

Nick and Rach in the ridiculously oversized hats Roger brought back from Taiwan (he brings us the best gifts)

Bannan Hat wins the best hat of the day award.

Staff Unicycles 'Part13'

Unlucky thirteen? Well unlucky or not here is my latest unicycle. I've been planning for a while to build a 36" but I've been waiting for Nimbus to release their new Stealth2 rims.

Well starting at the top we have the Kris Holm Street saddle attached to a Kris Holm OnePiece Seatpost which has been trimmed down to accommodate my leg length.

Moving on to the wheel we have the new Nimbus FOSS inner tube with a Nimbus Nightrider tyre, on the new awesome Stealth2 rim with a Nimbus Aluminium Equinox Hub.  Making the wheel super-light.

Then to finish we have a set of Nimbus Venture2 cranks in 114mm with Nimbus super light and super grippy plastic studded pedals.

Saddle:Kris Holm 'Street' Unicycle Saddle - Black
Seatpost: Kris Holm 'OnePiece' Seatpost - (27.2)
Seatpost Clamp: Kris Holm 'Singlebolt' Seatpost Clamp - Black
Frame: 36" Kris Holm 'Aluminium' Unicycle Frame
Inner Tube: 36" - Foss/Nimbus (Clear)
Tyre: Nimbus Nightrider 36" x 2.25" Tyre
Rim: 36" Nimbus 'Stealth2' Rim - Black
Spokes: 376mm, 14Gauge, Coker
Hub: Nimbus 'Equinox' ISIS Hub - 36 Hole, Black
Cranks: Nimbus 'Venture2' ISIS Cranks - 114mm
Pedals: Nimbus 'Studded' Plastic Pedals - Black

Weight: 6.6kg

Unicycle.com at the BJC2011

We've finally finished editing our video from this years BJC. We got so much footage it took us quite a bit to sort out what we could actully put into a video. Some nice free comady music and we have a very serious video. Watch out for "The Tasker" and some epic dancing from a mystery member.

Office Fun 'Part1'

Nick and myself have been testing a product we found in the loft here at UDC headquarters...

[caption id="attachment_1398" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

"oo its going well!"

[caption id="attachment_1401" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

Que cheesey grins! (Do you think Nick noticed i've stolen hes Ray-Ban's?)

[caption id="attachment_1400" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

We give this product the UDC seal of approval.

The Cycle Show, 7-10 October 2010, Earls Court


On the 7th to 10th October we will be at the Cycle show at Earls Court in London. The show will be open to the public on Thursday 8th to Sunday 10th October so do come and visit us. We will be on Stand E5B.

We will have Roger, Rachael and Nick from the office there along with additional helpers of Peter Lofthouse, Julian Page and Ben Glyn. I also understand we will have a cameo appearance from Mike Penton.

For the first time ever, we have got a unicycle on to the off-road come and try track. We have also sneaked on a Qu-Ax Penny Farthing on to the commuter track.

For more information http://www.cycleshow.co.uk/

Staff Unicycles 'Part9'

Today we have a unicycle that clams the title of the most expensive out of the Staff Unicycles, because it's Rogers Titanium Trials (Show Off). Let's start with the saddle. It's a Kris Holm Street saddle that's had the base removed and replaced with a Carbon fiber seat base. It looks really cool and is obviously very light. All this together with a long neck frame, really short seatpost and a single bolt clamp, it really is incredibly lightweight.

[caption id="attachment_953" align="alignnone" width="531" caption=" "] [/caption]

The frame its self is a Nimbus Titanium Trials frame, which is the same design as the old Nimbus X only wider to accommodate the trials wheel. Continuing on the weight saving the wheel is a Kris Holm Trials Wheel with a Kris Holm Titanium hub, and just to be that little bit different Roger has built the wheel with stainless steel spokes and blue anodized nipples.

[caption id="attachment_954" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

As with most trials it has a Maxxis Creepy-Crawler tyre which is soon to be replaced with our new Blizard Tyre. It has got Lightweight Nimbus 125mm cranks and plastic DX Pedals to complete this extremely lightweight trials machine.

[caption id="attachment_955" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

Staff Unicycles 'Part8'

Yes it's another Eclipse but it's the last one and today its Rogers, and compared to mine and Rachael's its looks like the "Evil Eclipse" with the Black frame and gold highlights. Well up top we have the latest Nimbus Gel saddle with the black cover and white handles, bolted to a 200 x 25.4mm Nimbus Aluminium Seatpost.

[caption id="attachment_905" align="alignnone" width="531" caption=" "] [/caption]

Then we have the special fit doublebolt clamp these clamps are slightly larger than the normal doublebolts to accommodate the frames, the frame its self is a one off black anodized frame which started life as a standard 300mm Eclipse Frame.

[caption id="attachment_906" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

Next wheel is a Gusset BlackDog Rim with 181mm Black 13g Spokes and anodized gold spoke nipples, all connected to a Eclipse Hub and wrapped in a Kenda Kikzumbut 20"  x 1.95" Tyre in white. For the cranks Roger as gone for Nimbus Venture 100mm in Silver that comes on the standard Eclipse with oddly our new Nimbus Studded pedals (I have these on my Muni).

[caption id="attachment_907" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

Staff Unicycles 'Part7'

Here we have Rachael's Nimbus Eclipse as I promised. The spec of Rach's is pretty much the same as mine but she's gone in a little bit of a different direction with the powder coating! Very Sparkly!

[caption id="attachment_868" align="alignnone" width="531" caption=" "] [/caption]

The saddle is another prototype from Taiwan and with Rach being a bit of a sparkle freak before it was out of the box she had claimed it!! With the saddle be extremely unique the unicycle was designed around the saddle

[caption id="attachment_869" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

The frame is a 400mm Eclipse frame which has been powder coated in sparkly silver and the rim to match. Then the hub as been done in sparkly blue to match the middle of the seat. The wheel was built with blue nipples and black spokes to continue the theme, and then finished off we've got some 100mm Qu-Ax Lightweight cranks and some White Plastic pedals.

[caption id="attachment_870" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]

All in all a pretty awesome "Girly" looking unicycle don't you think?

[caption id="attachment_871" align="alignnone" width="560" caption=" "] [/caption]
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