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Custom John Deere Hatchet Unicycle

 John Deere Hatchet

This custom Nimbus Hatchet takes inspiration from THE original fatty; the John Deere tractor. Professionally powder coated in John Deere's instantly identifiable colours, the look is completed with a set of one-of-a-kind custom decals. Beneath the custom paint job is a brand new Nimbus Hatchet - the trail-tested favorite of unicyclists worldwide.

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Eclipse and Equinox Pro - What is new?

The Eclipse and Equinox Pro range is new for 2019. These unicycles are top of the range, high quality machines! The Pro version has features including a newly designed frame that has oversized tubing in 34.9mm for optimum rigidity and strength pushing the boundaries of excellence to new levels.

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How many parts...?

Ed Pratt who is about to finish his trip around the world on a unicycle shared with us how many parts he went though on his three and a half, 22,000 mile journey around the globe.

Ed Prat Uni

The majority of the components that Ed used on his unicycle were standard parts and supplied by Unicycle.com.  Although, however good those parts are, they are going to wear out and need replacing on such an epic journey.  This is of course emphasised by him undertaking the journey unsupported, so he carried all his own water, food, tent, clothes etc.  We had meant to weigh the unicycle when he called in to our office, but it was heavier than our scale that only goes to 32kg.  Ed estimates that the total weight is more like 42kg.

Frame: 1x Nimbus Oracle 36"
Hub: 1x Nimbus Oracle (composite version), 1x Nimbus Hatchet (Steel)
Rim: 2x Nimbus Stealth
Inner tube: about 6 standard 36" inner tubes, (plus I’ve used 29’’ mountain bike tubes as replacements when nothing else is available)
Tyre: 5x Nimbus Nightrider (standard weight)
Cranks: 1x KH Spirit duel crank 127/150mm (but he reckoned that 135/150 would’ve been more useful)
Pedal: 3x welgo (1 black, 2 red - red feels faster!)
Seatpost: 3x KH adjustable, 2x pivotal for the zero/one saddle
Saddles: 1x KH zero, 3x KH freeride, 1x prototype Stadium , 1x modified stadium (Stadium saddle with a 16’’ bike tube duct taped on top), 1x KH One saddle and his favourite 1x prototype air saddle.

Ed completes his journey tomorrow, 27th July 2018.  He will be finishing in Somerset at the headquarters of the charity he has been supporting during his journey School in a Bag.  
Ed's return party

Ed riding unicycle

New QX #rgb Unicycles by Qu-Ax

The QX #rgb unicycles are the best Qu-Ax have built in 15 years. Individual, lightweight, durable, technically up to date.

[caption id="attachment_9316" align="alignnone" width="300"]Qu-ax rgb Qu-ax rgb[/caption]

These awesome looking Qu-ax unicycles come in 4 different sizes. Go check them out!

19" QX #rgb Trials

24" QX #rgb Disc MUni

27.5" QX #rgb Disc MUni

29" QX #rgb Disc MUni

The QX-series #rgb-frames

All #rgb-frames have one thing in common: They now have a Unicrown-frame and not a square-crown anymore. This keeps damage from your shins when touching the frame in rough terrain or during tricks for example. They are being made of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

To achieve a low weight at the same time, we made the seat-tube a lot larger. Sounds weird to reduce weight? Well, this allows to reduce the wall-thickness quite a lot! The tube is 38 mm wide at the low end – and 34,9 mm at the seatclamp-shell. This results in incredibly low weights:

  • 19″: 422 g

  • 24″: 501 g

  • 27,5″: 533 g

  • 29″: 546 g


Staff Unicycles 'Part 17' Roger's 26" Muni

Roger's Unicycles are normally covered in lots of prototype parts! So this one is actually a little different, lots of standard production parts here.

Today we are taking a Look at Roger's 26" Disc Muni.

Roger's 26" Muni

As usual we will start at the top and work our way down.  Perched on top of a Nimbus Aluminium Seatpost we have one of the first Nimbus Stadium saddles with the red highlights.Roger's 26" MuniA Red Nimbus Double bolt seatpost clamp is holding his seatpost securely to the beautiful 26" Impact Gravity frame. The Bengal Helix Disc brake with a 180mm rotor takes care of the braking. As with most 26" Muni's Roger has fitted the 3" Duro Wildlife Leopard tyre and has tried to save a little weight by using a Foss tube.Roger's 26" Muni The rest of his Muni is made up from an old Nimbus Dominator II rim and a Nimbus LT disc hub. To make this hub fit the frame Roger has swapped the standard 42mm bearings for the 32mm version.
Some well worn 150mm Venture II cranks and Nimbus metal DX pedals finish of this unicycle.


Saddle: Nimbus Stadium Saddle - Red
Seatpost: Nimbus 'Aluminium' Seatpost - (27.2)
Seatpost Clamp: Nimbus Double Bolt clamp - Red (31.8)
Frame: 26" Impact Gravity frame - White
Inner Tube: 26" Foss Tube
Tyre: Duro Wildlife Leopard Tyre - 26" x 3"
Spokes: 14gauge - Black (disc side) - Silver (non-disc side)
Rim: 26" Dominator II rim - Black
Hub: Nimbus LT ISIS Disc Hub - 36 Hole, Black with Green flanges (100mm)
Brake: Bengal Helix Disc brake - White
Cranks: Nimbus 'Venture2' ISIS Cranks - 150mm
Pedals: Nimbus Metal DX - Black


We are having a sale!

Mainly a Hoppley sale.. However over the next week we will slowly be adding more items. Keep an eye out for some vintage Koxx stuff!


British Muni Weekend - Snowdonia April 2017

Having held a British Muni Weekend in exactly the same location two years ago, we knew Coed Y Brenin was a great place to ride and camp, so we decided to meet up over the Easter bank holiday for some muni fun. Our plan was to do two rides on Saturday at the Coed Y Brenin trail centre and then ride mount Snowdon on the Sunday.

A few keen riders turned up on Friday morning, so we headed out for a short ride in the afternoon. It was Tirryns first time mountain unicycling. He is an accomplished flatland rider but had never set foot on a trail before, so it was a good opportunity for him to get a feel for what the longer rides might be like. He was enthusiastic and couldn't help bringing some of his urban skills to the blue trail.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-2

Most others turned up Friday evening and got soaked setting up in the torrential rain. Roger from Unicycle.com UK was in attendance and lent the use of his gazeebo and BBQ, ensuring all us BMWers stayed warm(ish) and dry throughout the weekend.

Saturday morning saw us ride an easy loop of blue trail to gauge the skill level of the group. All being pretty competent riders, the ride was more of a warm up and a chance to do a bit of messing around.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-4

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-3

Andy showed off his 24" street skills on most obstacles we passed.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-6

Having assessed the overall skill level of the group, we decided to extend the morning ride by swapping onto a loop of red which took us up higher into the forest with some more interesting trails and features.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-10

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-11

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-9

Once back at the trail centre for lunch, we discussed options for the afternoon ride while Tirryn rode some 24" muni flatland.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-12

Some wanted to save themselves for the mountain on Sunday and decided to stay and play on the excellent skills loop at the Coed Y Brenin centre. The remaining riders headed out to do the shortest loop of red.
There was a lot of climbing on boring fireroads and the descent was rather brutal. Sometimes trails designed for bikes can be very unforgiving on a unicycle. Only one photo from that ride, from one of the nicer sections.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-15

Luckily the rain stopped on Saturday afternoon so when we got back to camp we could relax and enjoy the obligatory BMW BBQ & beers. With the BMW flag up and flying, the British Muni Weekend was in full swing!

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-13

We were even treated to a sunset of sorts.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-14

On Sunday we were supposed to conquer the mountain; however, the weather had other ideas. All Saturday evening we were checking the forecast and it wasn't looking good. -11°C and 37mph winds would make the ride miserable at best and downright dangerous at worst. We decided to abandon the plan to ride Snowdon and stay at Coed Y Brenin to ride a long red/black route instead. Andy decided to head home but we were joined by Adam.

We decided on Dragons Back, a 31km red trail with black features along the way. It rained on and off throughout the day, but it wasn't enough to dampen our spirits.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-18

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-19

In true British Muni Weekend style, there were plenty of rest/chat stops along the way with opportunities for posing. We even remembered to grab a group photo!

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-23


The trail had a good mix of terrain to challenge even the most advanced riders among the ranks. There were plenty of spills (Mostly from Tirryn) and lots of laughter throughout the day.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-16

Halfway round we discovered a tearoom. No photos unfortunately, I was too busy stuffing my face with warm ginger cake and tea. After having a rest and re-energising, we continued on the long descent back to the trail centre. From here on out, the trail just got better and better. There were lots of lovely twisting, narrow singletrack sections through beautiful woodland. This is what group rides are all about.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-24

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-26

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-29

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-31

Once again, Tirryn busted out some street skills mid-trail.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-25

After 31km, most riders were feeling achy and tired but I think Tirryn showed it the most.

BMW Snowdonia - April 2017-32

Most headed home on Monday morning but some riders stayed for more riding. I headed off, so no photos from Monday unfortunately. Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a great group. We discussed options for the next event, so keep your eye out on the site for news and details for the next BMW. Overall, another successful British Muni Weekend!

A big thanks to Unicycle.com UK, who kindly offer a special British Muni Weekend discount to everyone who attends these events.

Report by Edd Hawkes.  Edd is not only a fantastic unicyclist, but he is a prime mover in the both UK and International unicycle scene.  He is also a professional videographer.  If you want to know more about the UK Muni events visit the British muni weekend website.

Deal of the Week - 20" Club Freestyle Unicycle

Club Freestyle

The 20" Club Freestyle Unicycle has a whopping £20 off. So you will get all this amazing 20" for only £75.00

This week we are offering the Fantastic 20" Club Freestyle as our Deal of the week. A high specification unicycle that is ideal to take riders from complete beginner up to more advance tricks

What customers said about the 20" Club Freestyle:

I've previously owned a reflex unicycle which I was learning on but decided to upgrade to something a little more durable. I went along with a recommendation from a unicycle.com rep who I met at a juggling convention. I've only had it a few days but I have to say if feels much better quality than my last one. The seat is very comfy and the shorter cranks mean it isn't even on the lowest even though I'm only 5'2". I haven't ventured outside yet but I'm sure it's going to be great. Overall seems like it's worth paying a bit extra for as I'll be using it for a long time yet.

This was my first unicycle - excellent quality has ensured it has survived the learning process for myself and is set to do so again for my 2 sons. I am now looking at buying a 26" Muni for myself from Unicycle.com - the staff and service from this store have been great - I have no hesitation in recommending them. Thank You.

Bought this for my daughter following 4 days at End of the Road festival spent practising on the unicycles in the clown field! They recommended unicycle.com and unicycle.com recommended this unicycle - very helpful staff even gave advance notice of when the sale would start! Solidly made, comfortable seat, easily adjustable, It withstood the learning process and is now favourite mode of transport round the village!

Deal of the week - 26" Nimbus MUni - Red

The 26" Nimbus MUni unicycle has a whopping £55 off.


So you will get all this 26" goodness for the amazing price of just £205!


This week we are offering the Fantastic 26" Nimbus MUni as our Deal of the week.

The 26" Nimbus Muni now comes with the Nimbus Steel Disc hub as standard, this means that up-grading your Muni with a disc brake is now even easier. All you need is a Disc brake, a Nimbus D'Brake and a brake lever mount. You can still fit a Magura rim brake if you still want too. Nimbus’s amazing Dominator2 rim without braking surface is fitted and coupled with the Duro Wildlife Tyre, making this a go anywhere Unicycle.

What customers said about the 26" Nimbus MUni:

Well built and robust unicycle, I've already taken it offroad and it handles my 6'5" 100kg frame with ease. Well worth stumping up for a decent build.

After taking some advice from the office I decided to go for a 26". My only cocern is that I'm quite short, but lop 6" off the seat post and the uni feels great. The build quality is excellent and I cannot recommend it enough.

The unicycle itself is made well, looks superb, i myself have had no faults with the entire unicycle in the several months i have owned it. MUni unicycles are of course never cheap but this its without a doubt good for value with a reasonable price.

For the price you get a bullet proof bit of kit that is well made and finished. I got mine last year and have just dusted it off again and decided to get rid of the "training wheel" and go for the one wheel experience again ... I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is the third Nimbus I have owned and have no complaints what so ever. As a novice, although I have had uni's for some time, it gets dropped a bit and will take anything you throw at it.
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