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Frame Calculator

This page is to help you work out the correct size of frame on the Eclipse and Equinox Unicycles. The frames are sold tailored to your size.


1.   Take your existing freestyle unicycle that you are comfortable on and measure the following sizes:

  • Saddle depth.  This is from the top of the saddle in the middle to the bottom edge
  • Measured length.  This the distance from the top of middle of the saddle to the top of the pedal at the bottom of it's stroke.
  • Crank length.  This is between centre of wheel and middle of pedal spindle - this is normally also written on the back of the crank.
  • Pedal depth.  This is the thickness of the pedal in the middle.

2.   Add these figures to the calculator below.  You must also consider how much seatpost you want to show. This is a personal preference and can be as small as 10mm or up to 250mm.

3.   Read off the results to the right hand side of the calculator. These are:

  • Minimum Seat post length. This is the shortest seatpost that can be used on your setup.  The shorter the seatpost, the lighter the unicycle.
  • Seat tube length.  Use this to compare with your existing unicycle.  This is the traditional way to specify the frames, but is less accurate than using frame length.
  • Frame length.  This is the figure we use to cut your frame down.

4.   Check - take your existing unicycle and measure up from the centre of the wheel upwards using your Frame Length figure.  This is where your clamp will be.  Is this right?


1. Here are some common saddle depths:

2. Visible seatpost.  - Decide the amount of clearance you want between your saddle and the seatpost clamp. This is mainly an aesthetic thing, but most riders prefer the clamp near the seat. Note: if you change crank to a longer one you will need a shorter frame.

3. Measured length. - Measure the distance on the unicycle you use for Freestyle. Measure between the top of the pedal and the middle of the top of your saddle (This is approximately your leg length with shoes on, but more accurate).

4. Crank Length. - If you change your crank length regularly, then select the longest length you use.

5. Pedal Depth. - Measure the thickness of your pedals. Typical sizes are between 22 and 35mm

6. Frame length - The maximum frame length available is 765mm - additional height must be made up with the visible seat post distance.



1. Minimum Seatpost length Seatpost will be supplied at to this dimension UNLESS you request otherwise. Max size = 250mm

2. Seat Tube length Seat tube will be approximately this size when cut to your dimensions. We suggest you use this to check against your existing frames. Measurement is from the top of the crown to the top of the frame, please note that this figure will be 3mm smaller on the Equinox

3. Frame Length - Your frame will be made to this size. This dimension will be the overall length of the frame without the bearing housing or seatpost attached. Should you have long legs and the result is larger than 765 - change the minimum seatpost length figure until the result is 765mm.

4. Check and check again - take your existing unicycle and measure up from the centre of the wheel upwards using your Frame Length figure.  This is where your clamp will be.  Is this right?



Once the frame is cut to your size it can not be re-cut down again unless you remove 47mm. Check and double check the dimensions before placing your order. If you are not sure of the size please contact us for advice.

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