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Nimbus Unicycle Saddle

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The latest saddle from Nimbus Unicycles, this saddle is a completely new saddle with changes to everything over the previous Nimbus Gel.


This saddle is pointed straight at the Freestyle or Normal Unicyclist; the first major change is the saddle base. This base is the same shape and design as the future Impact Unicycles saddles, giving amazing ergonomics throughout the saddle. Everywhere your hand may possibly touch, has been extensively designed to be smooth! Plus, the base is quite a bit flatter than the conventional unicycle base, meaning moving the saddle around during freestyle tricks is much easier. That being said the saddle still maintains some curvature to help the rider keep control of the Unicycle during advance tricks.

The handle is the new Impact handle which matches the new base, it’s also very smooth everywhere making the handle perfect for Freestyle. Being slightly shorter than the regular saddle handles makes for easier transitions from being on the saddle, to have the saddle out front or out back. Pockets at the rear of the saddle make for holding the rear of the saddle much easier as there is space for your fingers to go.

This saddle is still compatible with almost every saddle part, that means if you prefer the feel of the saddle handle with the large hole, you can run that handle or even the classic Kris Holm handles. The saddle cover is also double stitched everywhere and is completely made from vinyl for extra strength, like the Kris Holm Fusion One saddles.

  • Weight: 680g (+/-10g)


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    Nimbus Unicycles was started in 2001 and is the premier house brand of Unicycle.com.

    The brand was started to help differentiate between our standard unicycles and the newer higher end unicycles we were designing in response to the requests fro...
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