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What size unicycle to buy?

15246 views  March 18, 2019

How to measure your leg length?

You need to take a book or a DVD case and put it between the persons legs as if they were sitting on a Unicycle (the same as sitting on a Bicycle seat). Now squeeze the Book between your legs, holding it as tight and as parallel to the ground as possible. Now with a tape measure, measure from the ground to the upper edge of the book (with shoes on).

measuring leg

Adults and Children (over 12 years)

Most adults choose a 20" unicycle to learn on, although a 24" may be better in some instances:

  • 20" is preferred by people who like to do tricks, eg. BMX riders, Skate boarders and Jugglers. It is better ridden on smooth flat ground.
  • 24" is preferred by riders who like to move. eg. Mountain bikers and road cyclists. This can be used on rougher ground than the 20" and needs more space to learn in.

Children (under 12 years)

Select the largest unicycle they can ride up to 20".

What size fits?

The table below gives you an indicaition only. Check in the product descriptions as the size varies by model.



Cut down*
Leg Length

Leg Length

Leg Length

12" Unicycle

50cm (18.5")

50cm (19.5")

61.5cm (24")

16" Unicycle

51cm (20")

60cm (23.5")

74cm (29")

20" Unicycle

61cm (24")

71cm (28")

84cm (33")

24" Unicycle

69cm (27")

79cm (31")

93cm (36.6")

26" Unicycle

74cm (29")

81cm (32")

92cm (36")

27.5" Unicycle

74cm (29")

87cm (34")

97cm (38")

29" Unicycle

76cm (30")

86cm (34.5")

100cm (39")

32" Unicycle

75cm (29.5")

88cm (34.5")

97cm (38")

36" Unicycle

81cm (31.9")

96cm (38")

104cm (40.9")


What does "Cut-Down" mean?

A unicycle seat is directly above the tyre, so when it is pushed down the seatpost will hit the tyre. It is absolutely standard procedure to cut the bottom of the seatpost off to allow the seat height to be lowered if required (this will not effect your unicycle's warranty).

We sell shorter seatposts if you are not comfortable at cutting down the seatpost.

We also sell longer seatpost for taller riders.

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