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Eclipse and Equinox Pro - What is new?

The Eclipse and Equinox Pro range is new for 2019. These unicycles are top of the range, high quality machines! The Pro version has features including a newly designed frame that has oversized tubing in 34.9mm for optimum rigidity and strength pushing the boundaries of excellence to new levels.


What is the difference between the Eclipse and the Equinox?

The differece between these two unicycles is the Eclipse features a 90mm Hub and the Equinox features 100mm hub. If you love riding freestyle but you want everything a little bit wider and bigger, the Equinox is the unicycle for you. It also has a wider crown and greater clearance to allow for larger tyres. If you love fast spins the 90mm Eclipse will be more your syle.

The Equinox also has the added bonus of coming in Black or Silver.

Frame Calculater

We now have a very precise Frame Calculator that will help you work out the correct size of frame you need for the 2019 Eclipse and Equinox frames. These frames are sold tailored to your size!

You cannot get more custom than that!  If you are looking for the ultimate freestyle unicycle that is both lightweight and strong. It is beautifully smooth to ride and perfect for that winning floor routine, then look no further.

Frame Sets

These beautiful frame sets are available to purchase on their own so that you can upgrade your current unicycle.

20" Nimbus Equinox-Pro Frame Set - Black

20" Nimbus Equinox-Pro Frame set - Silver

20" Nimbus Eclipse-Pro Frame set - Silver




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