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Deal of the week - 26" Nimbus MUni - Red

The 26" Nimbus MUni unicycle has a whopping £55 off.


So you will get all this 26" goodness for the amazing price of just £205!


This week we are offering the Fantastic 26" Nimbus MUni as our Deal of the week.

The 26" Nimbus Muni now comes with the Nimbus Steel Disc hub as standard, this means that up-grading your Muni with a disc brake is now even easier. All you need is a Disc brake, a Nimbus D'Brake and a brake lever mount. You can still fit a Magura rim brake if you still want too. Nimbus’s amazing Dominator2 rim without braking surface is fitted and coupled with the Duro Wildlife Tyre, making this a go anywhere Unicycle.

What customers said about the 26" Nimbus MUni:

Well built and robust unicycle, I've already taken it offroad and it handles my 6'5" 100kg frame with ease. Well worth stumping up for a decent build.

After taking some advice from the office I decided to go for a 26". My only cocern is that I'm quite short, but lop 6" off the seat post and the uni feels great. The build quality is excellent and I cannot recommend it enough.

The unicycle itself is made well, looks superb, i myself have had no faults with the entire unicycle in the several months i have owned it. MUni unicycles are of course never cheap but this its without a doubt good for value with a reasonable price.

For the price you get a bullet proof bit of kit that is well made and finished. I got mine last year and have just dusted it off again and decided to get rid of the "training wheel" and go for the one wheel experience again ... I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is the third Nimbus I have owned and have no complaints what so ever. As a novice, although I have had uni's for some time, it gets dropped a bit and will take anything you throw at it.


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