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Unicycle North West – Success

JL from Northwest Unicyclists: I feel compelled to write a few things about the unicycle group I’m a part of…

Over recent months I’ve struggled with many different things and slowly over time became detached from my circus skills, I especially lacked the urge to unicycle. However it was impossible to ignore how much fun so many friends were having. I saw the posts/videos and pictures being left on the Facebook group and it would make me want to get up and get riding.

In the past three weeks I’ve rode every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A mixture of muni, trials and other much longer trails. From the photos attached you can see that our rides are inclusive of all abilities, ages and unicycle size/type. I feel riding with others is far more enjoyable than riding alone. Riders stick together, look out for one another and generally help pass on skills. Our legendary unicycle sculptures have become a known ride tradition.

With special thanks to Julian Page, I feel the group – and what it provides is really helping lift my spirits. I am back unicycling and enjoying all my circus skills as much as I always have!

Kris Holm T-Shirts.. Which is the best?

We are going to be getting a Kris Holm T-shirt in stock but we can't decided on which one to get. Which of the following T-shirts would you like to see on sale on the UDC site. Please comment or email us with your choice.




Feel free to give us any comments about the T-Shirts (Colours, Logos ETC)





North West Unicyclists Christmas Rides

North West Unicyclist have been active over Christmas, but NO snow.


21st December, Claire, Julian and Steve visited Delamere Forest. Its an excellent site for a ride with a host of forest trails and a technical mountain bike area. The ride finishes with a climb up to the viewing point and a blast back down.

After Christmas, Unicycle North West, North East and Yorkshire combined for a joint ride to Fewston and Swinsy Reservoirs near Harrogate. With 14 riders we had a good turnout despite rain, rain, rain. You can see Rachel from Unicycle.com, in light blue, at the back.

An unusual unicycle sculpture on the steps...

The next ride was a solo effort from Julian to............"Dream"

On 4th January a select duo of Julian and Olly re-visited Delamere Forest. Olly testing his new UDC 26" MUNI -nice

Lastly on 5th January with bigger wheels 4 riders Julian, Claire, JP and young Bobby (backed up by Pete on a bike) went along the Prom at Blackpool

A chocolate break on the way back

Looking forward to more rides in 2013.

Julian P
Unicycle North West

A Schlumpf Powered Oracle

Some of you who keep a eye on the UDC Blog my remember our Schlumpf Powered Penny-Farthing.

Well one of customers loved the idea so much he bought his own Schlumpf gearbox and persuaded us to sell him pretty much all of it, leaving us with a 36" wheel with and the KH prototype cranks.

They kicked around the warehouse collecting dust until one day we got on to the topic of Schlumpf MUni.  It toke us minutes to realise we haven't seen a Oracle with a gearbox. Couple of days of testing and fiddling we give you (we think?) the first Oracle with a Schlumpf, and its a complete animial!

Imagine MUni where possible you can motor along like a 39" wheel! Then when the going gets tuff you click down and you have a 26" wheel with 150mm cranks to make the terrain easy.

The UDC office love the combo between Nimbus, Kris Holm and Schlumpf with a Hope Brake could this be the ultimate MUni? We think it comes very close.

One Wheeled Santa

On Sunday 2nd December a 5k "Santa Dash" fun run was held in the centre of Liverpool.

Five unicyclists took part Julian, Claire, Steve, Ed and Oli, but we were slightly outnumbered by the running/walking Santas.

The two youngsters Oli and Ed performed exceedingly well. We started at the back, out of everyone's way but steadily weaved our way up the field.

Everyone made us very welcome with hardly any of the usual remarks. A good day, it was a shame we couldn't go round again! Whens next year's event.

Julian P

Big Impact Delivery

We've just received a massive Impact delivery so we are re-stocked on everything Impact. Here is a quick list of the bits we got in...

Naomi Saddles
Naomi Saddle Covers
1Bolt Clamps
2Bolt Clamps
Reagent Longneck Frames
Gravity Longneck Frames
Reagent Frames
Gravity Frames
24" Gravity Frames
Groovy Cranks 130mm
Groovy Cranks 140mm
AllBran Pedals
KnockOut Pedals

There is a few more things as well but keep a check on the New Products section for all the Impact bits coming on to the site very soon.


Newborough Forest on Anglesey

Newborough Forest on Anglesey a good place for a ride. UDC sponsored riders Julian and Rob have ridden there many times there are lots of easy trails, with great views over the Menai Straits and Snowdon.

It costs £3 to enter Newborough forest by road that leads tothe main car park, but free if you park near Malltraeth and ride in.

Question: Whats long and thin and causes Rob to fall over when it gets trapped in a wheel?

UDC Riders Hit Gisburn forest

Julian & Matt rode around Gisburn forest, near Clitheroe today.

Matt had fun on the red routes but injured his ankle -hence the picture of him walking -notice the limp.

Julian was fine on the Blue route -with no injury. There have been some recent improvements to the trails especially the North-shore and last banked sections -made it down all the way for the first time. :-)

Worth another visit...

Julian P & Matt M

Blackpool Ride the Lights - 2012

Last Tuesday around 23 unicyclists met at the start of the Blackpool Promenade, all ages and abilities, with the youngest rider only 6!

The ride had been spread through Facebook and UUU by Pete, everyone had a great time and met someone new,  a great turnout was from the students at Blackpool circus school.

After we set of the group spread out a bit, it was great fun riding through the sea of cyclists, apparently over 15,000!

The atmosphere was great. After a while we all stopped for fish and chips, and rode back down the promenade with the illuminations lighting the way.

Carsington Water Ride - 4th September 2012

Our Sponsored Riders, Julian Page and Robert Day, have been out again riding round Carsington Water in Derbyshire.

Its a 2 mile long Reservoir between Ashbourne and Matlock. The trail is about eight and a half miles long, with a good surface.

It "undulates" with some gentle hills and ends up crossing the dam. There is a visitors centre with cafe and toilets -but its "pay and display".

Next to the centre is an island with a stone park -that is worth a cycle round. The car park to the North near Sheepwash is free.
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