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A Schlumpf Powered Oracle

Some of you who keep a eye on the UDC Blog my remember our Schlumpf Powered Penny-Farthing.

Well one of customers loved the idea so much he bought his own Schlumpf gearbox and persuaded us to sell him pretty much all of it, leaving us with a 36" wheel with and the KH prototype cranks.

They kicked around the warehouse collecting dust until one day we got on to the topic of Schlumpf MUni.  It toke us minutes to realise we haven't seen a Oracle with a gearbox. Couple of days of testing and fiddling we give you (we think?) the first Oracle with a Schlumpf, and its a complete animial!

Imagine MUni where possible you can motor along like a 39" wheel! Then when the going gets tuff you click down and you have a 26" wheel with 150mm cranks to make the terrain easy.

The UDC office love the combo between Nimbus, Kris Holm and Schlumpf with a Hope Brake could this be the ultimate MUni? We think it comes very close.


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