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[How-To] Removing and Refitting Tyres

Removing Tyres

Removing tyres is easy, but if you are unsure here is a quick video showing the way I do it. We've had a few messages from customers that were unable to remove tyres from Unicycles with wide rims, these feature on all the Kris Holm Unicycles and many others.

Inner Tubes

Inner tubes are sensitive things. Even with a protective rubber tire over them, sharp objects can penetrate your treads and puncture the tube. This can occur very suddenly and take your Unicycle out of commission. Most long-distance riders carry a spare tube (sometimes two) with them when riding their Unicycle. If you have to change out your inner tube, one of the toughest aspects of the procedure will be removing the tyre from the rim.

YouTube Channel

We don't "Vlog" but we are trying to release frequent videos on all aspects of Unicycling. We are mainly focusing on "How-To" videos at the moment, giving helpful tips on keeping your Unicycling going. To checkout our channel click here.


How-to Remove Unicycle Bearings

Here is a quick how-to video on removing Unicycle bearings. Bearings were removed with a Nimbus Bearing puller, and a 14mm spanner/wrench. You’ll need to replace bearings if they are worn, or if you want to change the rotor on a Unicycle with a disc brake.

DealoftheWeek - Unicycle.com Mesh Unicycle Bag

Get a Unicycle.com Mesh Unicycle Bag for half price for one week only.

The Unicycle.com Mesh Unicycle bag is new take on transporting your 20” Unicycle. Normally unicycle bags are quite expensive and hard to get your Unicycle in and out of. This bag gets round this with its simple design. You can put your 19"/20” Unicycle in the bag with its pedals still on. Another key point is that the bag only has a single strap, which makes it easy to use.

This bag is perfect for when you need to take your Unicycle on public transport, where sometimes you are required to have your Unicycle within a bag. The bag also can be a used storage solution, when you get in simply leave your Unicycle within its bag and hang the bag up.

Unicycle.com opens in China

Unicycle.com are pleased to announce that they have opened a store in China.  This allows people in China to get Unicycle.com products and services.  Payments are taken via AliPay and WeChat Wallet at the website and in the future by Paypal.   You can find the store at http://www.unicycle-china.cn/

Unicycle.com China

The store has a wide range of unicycles including, Nimbus, Impact, Kris Holm, Club, Hoppley, Qu-Ax as well as the standard Unicycle.com products.

You can not only find Unicycle.com China at their website but you can also find them on facebook and Instagram

You can also get them on WeChat with the username: unicycledotcom

Unicycle.com Wechat


Our new office (Part 2)

Office Skeleton

Here is the second part of our little video series, documenting the construction of our new office. After a week of building we have a wood skeleton, with the start to the roof. It's so much easier to visualize what it will look like now the structure is almost complete.

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Our new office (Part 1)

We are going to be documenting the building and construction of our new office. This is the first video in the series. The new office is very exciting for us. It is a massive project and some major work is about to happen here at unicycle.com. Watch this space for the next video in the series.

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Deal of the week - 32" Nimbus Oracle

The 32" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle is Unicycle.com uk's  Deal of the week.

32" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle (without brake)  RRP £400 now only £330 until January 5th.

This new size unicycle gives you the ability to travel fast on roads while not having the massive rolling mass of the 36" tyre, making it fast but very maneuverable.

Note: We are closed over the Christmas and New Year period. We will resume usual service on the 3rd of January 2017.
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