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Unicycle.com opens in China

Unicycle.com are pleased to announce that they have opened a store in China.  This allows people in China to get Unicycle.com products and services.  Payments are taken via AliPay and WeChat Wallet at the website and in the future by Paypal.   You can find the store at http://www.unicycle-china.cn/

Unicycle.com China

The store has a wide range of unicycles including, Nimbus, Impact, Kris Holm, Club, Hoppley, Qu-Ax as well as the standard Unicycle.com products.

You can not only find Unicycle.com China at their website but you can also find them on facebook and Instagram

You can also get them on WeChat with the username: unicycledotcom

Unicycle.com Wechat



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