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We're having a big t-shirts sale!

If you didn't already know, we have a wide range of Unicycle t-shirts which can be found under the Accessories tab on our website.

Unicycle.com T-Shirt 

T-Shirt Sale

We've just had a delivery of some new t-shirts, so the "old" ones are now on sale. We have a large range of t-shirts to suit every Unicyclists taste. There is our Unicycle.com t-shirts, which come with the classic UDC logo on the front. Then the back has current Nimbus Unicycles Logo.

Impact Unicycles T-Shirts

We also have the Impact Unicycles t-shirt from 2014 on sale as well. This has the classic "Splatter" logo on the front and the "DD" on the back. These come in Red or Black, and we have a wide range of sizes. I can't see these sticking around to long.

Impact T-Shirts Impact T-Shirts

Who remembers UNI-K?

Does anyone remember Unicycle Kingdom? This was a clothing brand set-up by the founder of Impact Unicycles, Yoggi. We still have a couple of the these left, the famous Flatland shirt and the simple blue Uni-K. These are massively reduced and I think we only have a couple left.

Uni-K T-Shirts Uni-K T-Shirts

We're getting old now...

Yes, we still have Koxx One Unicycle T-shirts. This is a T-shirt from the company that unfortunately isn't still running, but lots of riders are still using and enjoying Koxx components. This could probably be classed as a Retro T-shirt now.


Penny Farthing?

We also have our Penny Farthing T-Shirt on offer at the moment, this has the Penny Farthing logo on the front. The back reads "Penny Farthings for the modern world #udcpenny"


Just a small chunk

Above is just a small chunk of our complete t-shirt catalog, there is much more. Check out all of the t-shirts we have on sale by clicking here.



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