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Neil Laughton sets 3 world records no handed on Penny Farthing

Our friend Neil Laughton has set 3 new Guinness World Records for riding a Penny Farthing without using your hands: 10km - 23 mins, 23 secs; Furthest distance in an hour - 26.0 km and Fastest average speed over 100m - 29.6 kph.

Theses records were acredited by Guinness and he was presented at the track with the awards.  The record used a 56" UDC Penny Farthing.

Penny Farthing Customization

Our new UDC Mk4 Penny Farthings are very nice, but a few of our customers like to add a personal touch to their Penny Farthing.

Penny Farthing


We've just completed another custom Penny, but this one was a little bit different. This Penny  was a little bit of a restoration as well as customization.

Usually our customers contact us wishing to purchase a new Penny Farthing and ask to change colours and components before we send it out. However, this Penny was actually sold a few years ago and has seen a decent amount of mileage. It unfortunately came to us in a bit of a bad way, as at the recent World Cycling Revival event it was involved in a bit of an accident during a polo match!

Penny Farthing Restoration

As you would expect it had the usual bumps and scrapes from being used. It also had a destroyed front wheel from another Penny running over it. We had to rebuild the front wheel with a new UDC 54" rim and spokes. The whole Penny was also treated to a new coat of paint in lovely "Postbox Red" (RAL 3020). While everything was apart we gave everything a good clean  and service. Finally we re-wrapped the handle bars which finished it off nicely.

Different Components

There is also a few different components on this Penny compared to the standard Penny. Besides the colour, the first thing you will probably notice is the cranks are shorter. It has a pair of the Venture2 cranks in 114mm. With the 54" wheel and these shorter cranks it means you can get up to a decent speed. There is also a Brooks saddle in black which fits the "style" of the Penny Farthing perfectly. Finally there is a pair of Shimano M324 SPD Pedals Which are double sided, one side SPD the other a flat pedal, perfect for this Penny.

Customizing your Penny Farthing

If you want to build your perfect Penny Farthing, please give us a call and we can discus this personally with you. We always make sure that you get the best components that work together both technically and visually.

To see a few of the other custom Penny Farthings we have done please have a look at our "Custom Penny Farthings" product.
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