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Penny Farthings

Penny Farthing Guinness World Records Weekend Extravaganza

Penny Farthing Guinness World Records

On the 11 to 13 October 2024 there will be a Penny Farthing Guinness World Record Extravaganza weekend in London UK.

The event is hosted at Herne Hill in London and Lee Valley Velodrome.

The intention is to not only be a fun weekend for anyone interested in Penny farthings but also to break several Penny Farthing World Records. This includes the Penny Farthing Stack record. This officially stands at 131, but there is an unofficial record from the USA 151 which is hoped to be broken as well.


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Neil Laughton sets 3 world records no handed on Penny Farthing

Our friend Neil Laughton has set 3 new Guinness World Records for riding a Penny Farthing without using your hands: 10km - 23 mins, 23 secs; Furthest distance in an hour - 26.0 km and Fastest average speed over 100m - 29.6 kph.

Theses records were acredited by Guinness and he was presented at the track with the awards.  The record used a 56" UDC Penny Farthing.

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