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This summer Hans Howald traveled from Lands end at the very top of Cornwell up to John O'Groats at the very top of Scotland (LEJOG).  Not only did he do this unsupported, but did it on a unicycle.

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Joe Sidebotham finishes the LEJOG ride!

Congratulations to Joe, David, Peter and Helen for their fantastic achievement of completing Lands End to John O'Groats and to top it all have raised lots of money for Charity. Here is what Peter says:

"Just before two on Friday 2nd September, Joe, with David accompanying him, cycled in to John O’Groats, having covered nearly 1200 miles on his unicycle.  It has been an eventful 3 weeks, and not quite as we had anticipated, but there was a great sense of achievement all round.  I would like to thank all of you who have been so positive and encouraging – particularly for the many cards, emails and messages following my TIA on day 2 (I apologise for not having responded to all of you personally, but I have been behaving and following doctors’ orders to relax).  This venture couldn’t have happened without all the support and encouragement of so many people, so thanks all round.  Thank you also to all who have sponsored us – so far we have raised over £7,000 for the three charities (over £8,700 with gift aid).  If you haven’t yet donated but would like to, you can give directly online to FSID or to Servants (just click on the hyperlinks), or contact me if you would like to donate to Spark in the Park, or prefer to give cash or a cheque.  If you would like to read more about the journey, or see some of our photos, go to our blog

I am taking next week off to further recover, but hope to be back, at least part time, from the 12th September."

Update on Joe's LEJOG

"We crossed the border into Scotland today. David's gears have finally been fixed, we're over two thirds of the way, and we haven't had any mishaps for two days. We're all feeling more than ready for the final 6 days, so everything looking promising. Keep donating, and following the blog, on www.lejogunicycle.org."


Riding with Joe Sidebotham on LEJOG

Yesterday I took the day off and went for a ride with Joe (and David) to give him some support during their Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG) ride.  I caught the train from Durham down to Northallerton and rode the 40miles back to Durham.  The weather was fantasic with a glorious sun and a gentle breeze pushing us North.   I left them as they headed on towards Consett and then onwards to Newcastle.  You can read more about Joes ride on his blog

Joe Sidebotham on Day 6

"After four days of hard riding, we have caught up with our schedule. We 

arrived in Coventry at 5:40, planning to have a day off tomorrow before heading

North. Between 320 and 350 miles covered so far, depending on which speedometer

you believe (Roughly 1/3 of the way). Both David (the tricyclist) and I are

very tired, but will hopefully be ready to continue on Sunday. Keep following

the progress on our blog: www.lejogunicycle.org."

Joe Sidebotham's LEJOG ride - update about Peter

If you have been following Joes blog directly you will know that Peter (Joe's dad and main navigator) had a small stroke on day 2.  Here is the latest update from him.
Subject: unicycling from Land's End to John O'Groats 
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 14:35:45 +0100

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am writing to update you on Joseph’s unicycle ride from Land’s End to
John O’Groats.  Some of you will have picked up already from our blog
that things have taken an  unexpected turn, in that on Monday I
ended up in Truro Hospital having had a small  stroke (well, a TIA to be
exact). This was on day two of our ride, so we hadn’t got  very far. You
will be pleased to know that it was all very short lived – I lost my
speech  and the use of my right arm for an hour or so, and had blurred vision
in my left eye for a bit longer. The hospital staff in Truro were
excellent – friendly, caring and efficient.  I had a CT scan within
½ hour of arrival and a MRI and Dopplers the next morning. They
found a small carotid dissection (a small tear in the wall of one of the blood
vessels in my neck) which explains why I got the stroke. I was
discharged yesterday on aspirin and have to avoid any strenuous exercise for
the time being. So I am feeling very well in myself, just a bit
tired, and am sitting, relaxing in our tent while Helen and Elizabeth pack up
around me.

Obviously that means I am not able to continue with the ride, but Joe and
David are pressing on – about a day behind schedule, but now making
reasonable progress. Helen will run me back to Coventry this
afternoon and I will stay at home to rest and reconsider whether I can go
along in the support car to complete the journey.

I have already had lots of encouraging messages of support, so thank you all.
I apologise that I won’t be able to communicate with all of you
individually. Please feel free to text or email, but I would prefer not
too many phone calls as they can be a bit tiring. I am sure Joe and David
would also appreciate any support – they already have a few people
joining them for short stretches; if you would like to join them
for a bit, please text Helen and she can update you on their
progress and where it might be suitable.

God bless you all


Joe Sidebotham rides from Land's End to John O Goats

Joe is starting his ride today and has agreed to keep us informed of his progress on his epic trip.  Here is his first quick post:
"I’m Joe Sidebotham, one of UDC’s sponsored riders. At precisely 3:00
this afternoon, I left Land’s End on my Unicycle. Accompanied by a
Cyclist and a Tricyclist, I intend to ride a 1145 mile route to John
O’Groats over the next 19 days. When we get properly started, we will
be riding around 70 miles each day, with rest days in Coventry and
Newcastle. The ride is in support of three different charities. For
more information about the ride or the charities, take a look at our
website – www.lejogunicycle.org"

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