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Joe Sidebotham rides from Land's End to John O Goats

Joe is starting his ride today and has agreed to keep us informed of his progress on his epic trip.  Here is his first quick post:
"I’m Joe Sidebotham, one of UDC’s sponsored riders. At precisely 3:00
this afternoon, I left Land’s End on my Unicycle. Accompanied by a
Cyclist and a Tricyclist, I intend to ride a 1145 mile route to John
O’Groats over the next 19 days. When we get properly started, we will
be riding around 70 miles each day, with rest days in Coventry and
Newcastle. The ride is in support of three different charities. For
more information about the ride or the charities, take a look at our
website – www.lejogunicycle.org"



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