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Nimbus Sponsored Rider announcement

We would like to introduce our Nimbus Sponsored Riders for 2018! Excited to work with these guys in 2018. Welcome to the team!

Nimbus Team


Freestyle - Cecilie Leth from Denmark

Freestyle - Freja Bjerregaard from Denmark


MUni - Felix Regelsberger from Austria


MUni - Souryan Dubois from France



Impact Flo Team announcement

Impact have just released their new Flo Team!

The extended team is called the Flo Team. These include prominent riders in their disciplines. They show off the best of the Impact Unicycles, both with the products but also with their attitude to be the best.

Flo Riders

Adam Gerza from Czech Republic

Clement Pujol from France

Daniel Ackerman from Israel

Erik Winterfeldt from Sweden

Ivar Christenson from Sweden

Louis Stevens from Canada

Mino Seedler from Germany

Roos Seegers from The Netherlands

Simon Berry from the UK

Sophia Pellman from America

[caption id="attachment_8899" align="alignnone" width="950"]Flo Team Flo Team[/caption]

Impact Flo Team Search

Would you like to be in the next Impact Flo Team?

Flo Team

We are looking for new up and coming riders to join the Impact Flo team!


What we are looking for?


*Individuals that are going to represent Impact both on social media and at events.
*Regular instagram/facebook/twitter posts
*You Tube Vidoes (If possible)

You will receive Impact apparel & discount on products and access to our social media platforms.

If you are interested please email us a video of you riding and tell us why you think you would make a good Team rider - [email protected]

Closing Date 30th July

For Full T&Cs please click here

How it all started for Kris Holm

As a geoscientist, Kris Holm, MSc’02, makes his living from knowing the land. But he’s probably covered more of it as an off‐road unicyclist.

Where it all started for Kris...

At four years old, Kris Holm, took up the violin. Over the years he became good at it, and while he trained in the classical mode, he picked up fiddling along the way. Learning the violin, he says, became something of a metaphor for the rest of his life, and his teacher, the late Frona Colquhoun, became his first and most influential mentor..

“Because I was doing it at such a young age,” he says, “she taught me that I could learn something that seems impossible at first glance.”

At some point, however, he must have decided that the violin wasn’t going to pay the rent, so he looked to other activities. One day, shortly before his twelfth birthday, he saw a man in downtown Victoria riding a unicycle, playing a violin. “That’s for me,” he thought, and asked for one for his birthday. And so it was that one of the world’s foremost unicycle athletes was born.

“Unicycling is a rare sport,” he says, “because initially it’s so difficult to do. Most sports, even the ones that are hard to do well, are easy to do badly. Anyone can get up on a skateboard, for example, and teeter precariously down the street. But even an athletic person can barely go a metre on a unicycle to start, and that stops a lot of people from trying.”

To read the rest of this article follow this link


Unicycle across Scotland on a unicycle

Oliver Green is going to unicycle across Scotland to raise money for the charity Save The Children.

This is something that is new to him. He is not an experienced rider and has trained up from an absolute novice to do this unicycle across Scotland.

[caption id="attachment_8269" align="alignnone" width="960"]Ready for his unicycle across Scotland for charity. Oliver green ready for his unicycle across Scotland for charity.[/caption]

He started off by thinking about doing only a 5 mile ride for local charities. But having seen the devastating situation in Syria he changed his mind to unicycle across Scotland.  The Children in Syria are suffering greatly in the horrendous situation that has been created by the war there.

The unicycle across Scotland ride will be at it's widest point.  Oliver will be self supporting all the way and camping to keep the price down.  He is determined to give all the money that he is raising to Save the Children Syria Crisis Campaign.

Oliver has been training hard for this epic trip, here is some information on his progress in his own words:


My training has been going great, it was bloody hard work in the beginning but I have enjoyed it more than I thought. I’m using a second hand  29” unicycle which is definitely not the most suitable unicycle for what I’m doing but it does the job.

To the Unicycle I have retro fitted some motor bike panniers to carry my camping gear, spare clothes etc., For training I am often doing 30+ miles in a day when I get a chance to get out, unfortunately only once a week at the moment due to work and family commitments.

I managed 40+ miles with 7kgs of junk on board a few weeks back and have passed the stage of falling of all the time. My hands and knees are no longer constantly cut and bruised and my sprained wrist seems too of healed. I now usually land on my feet when I do fall off and rarely land face first on the tarmac. I've had some amazing reactions from people I’ve met who watch with amazement as I ride past and often get a round of applause as I go by.

Sometimes going out with friends and family on bikes makes a nice change. All though this has been a very mild winter I’m looking forward to the spring as the longer nights as riding in the dark is crap


I’ve currently raised around £1700 which is miles away from my target of £10,000 which was always a very optimistic target, but I realise now that I may not reach it. With 10ish weeks left till I start my challenge so it’s any ones guess how things will turn out.  Sponsor forms and posters have been placed In many local shops and sports clubs.

This weekend I will be driving most of my route to drop more sponsor forms off.  The most surprising thing has come from cable tying a sponsor tin to my helmet.  It has made over £150 from cars stopping and people I have met putting money in it even though I look ridiculous.

I have had a large article in two of my local papers to try and help with awareness. A few weeks back I had an interview with a local community radio station.  But FaceBook has been without doubt the best source of sponsorship directing people to my just giving page.

If you would like to find out more about Oliver or contact him you can through his facebook page.

Please do donate through his justgiving page.

KH Factory Team 2017 Announcement

Kris has announced his new Factory Team for 2017 with two new young riders joining the Team!

Loïc Miara and Kosma Roy of Montreal, Canada will be joining the KH team.  Loïc and Kosma represent the latest generation of top urban riders and will be riding on the KH20. Check out their latest video.


Simon Berry’s 2016 Part 3

Last time on the blog, we’d just broken our own world record, and Mike and myself had left Team Voodoo to concentrate on new projects. We pick up just a couple of days after that!

Qatar, The Magical Festival Village

Just two days after performing at Sport Relief, Sam Goodburn, who i’m sure you know, came to stay with me in London after having flown back from 5 weeks performing in Asia. He was just to stay for a night or two as he had commitments at home, and I had multiple university deadlines. But no good story starts with two young people being responsible, does it?

After Sam’s first night at my place, he woke up to a call from a stressed-out Romanian Magician, who had added him on Facebook the previous evening. He was searching for performers for a month of parades and shows, starting TOMORROW.

We said maybe, noncommittally, assuming that arrangements would fall through, as so often happens with last minute booking.

This time, however, that was not the case, and just a few hours later we were on the next available flight to Qatar. We had so little time to prepare that I ended up hopping on the tube to the nearest shopping centre to buy new clothes and underwear, as I wouldn’t have had time to wash my clothes…

What event were we performing at? We didn’t know.

Why hadn’t the organisers found talent sooner? We didn’t know.

What would our mothers think to such reckless decision making? We didn’t know.

Was this strange magician really some sort of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-esque child catcher? We just didn’t know.

After arriving at Hamad international airport, relaxed from the plane’s free beer, we were met by Cezar, the Magician. (Disclaimer: Cezar is not in fact a child catcher. He’s a cool person and a great performer!) We were taken straight to the hotel, but didn’t have time to rest, as the first day of performances was due to start in just a couple of hours!

We met our fellow performers; an international group from Romania, Italy, Germany, the USA, and UK. From then on, the format was less spontaneous, but still great fun. We did a parade 2-3 times a day, as well as 1 or 2 shows. The event itself was a new venue that had just been launched, and targeted local families. This was a contrast to my last trip to Qatar where I had been performing at the very westernized Qatar Open Tennis Tournament. The attendees had certainly never seen unicycles before, let alone a parade full of unicyclists, stilt walkers, jugglers and dancers!


We were performing 6 days per week, which was intense, but managed to have some great experiences on our days off! The highlight for me was riding quad bikes in the Qatari desert, before relaxing on a beach overlooking the Persian Gulf, just a few miles from the Saudi border.


I had to fly back after 2 weeks as I had an essay deadline and a French oral exam. (Thankfully i did well in both, despite the trip getting in the way!) Sam stayed for the rest of the month and I was replaced by Esther, Sam’s performance partner who specialises in Cyr Wheel!


New Impact Unicycle!

After just over 2 weeks of riding all day, every day, my unicycle was looking and feeling a bit worse for wear. Usually, I end up replacing individual parts as I break them, so never get the Boy-who-got-a-nintendo-64-on-Christmas-day levels of excitement.


This time though, as so much of my unicycle was dying, I phoned unicycle.com and they helped hook me up with a brand new Impact Gravity Unicycle! Thanks guys!

At first, I customised it with my Carbon Fibre seat and Kris Holm Cranks, but have since changed the cranks for brand new Impact Groovys which feel AMAZING.


Officially ‘Officially Amazing’, again!

Last Summer, Mike Taylor and myself were invited back to CBBC’s Officially Amazing to attempt to break another world record on TV!  This time, were were battling head to head to beat the record for then 100m unicycle hurdles!

Lutz Eicholz, a well known KH Sponsored rider from Germany held the record at 1:46.44, so Mike and I were trying to beat that time, as well as going head to head to be THE fastest. Click on Simon Below to see what happened.


It was a great day of filming, and as you can see it was so close! Some of our new projects involve myself and Mike working as a duo a lot, so we hope you enjoyed the formula!


The Westminster Mile

At the end of May, Flatland BMXer Keelan Phillips called me in for another show as he wasn’t able to, having injured himself beforehand. I spent the day riding flatland and giving riding workshops with two flatland BMXers at the Westminster Mile Vitality run! As it was a sports event, everyone was very keen to watch, and even more excited to have a go!


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for Part 4 where Mike Taylor and myself have a very special announcement!
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