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Sponsored Rider

Kris Holm announces his 2024 team

Kris Holm team 2024

Here at Unicycle.com we are proud to support Kris Holm with his team. Kris has just announced the 2024 team, this includes:Lutz Eicholz, Ryan Kremsater, Zoé Hebinger, Asier Fiuza Celaya, Owen Farmer, Nate Dam, Kim Il Gun & Lea Opitz

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INSANE unicycle Golf Tricks

In off the tyre

Our sponsored rider Kevin Carpenter has produced a video which he has put together during lockdown. He has compiled a series of absolutely amazing trick shots on his Unicycles.

He can't decide which is my favourite, so he has asked for your help...

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Nimbus Sponsored Rider announcement

We would like to introduce our Nimbus Sponsored Riders for 2018! Excited to work with these guys in 2018. Welcome to the team!

Nimbus Team


Freestyle - Cecilie Leth from Denmark

Freestyle - Freja Bjerregaard from Denmark


MUni - Felix Regelsberger from Austria


MUni - Souryan Dubois from France



Impact Flo Team announcement

Impact have just released their new Flo Team!

The extended team is called the Flo Team. These include prominent riders in their disciplines. They show off the best of the Impact Unicycles, both with the products but also with their attitude to be the best.

Flo Riders

Adam Gerza from Czech Republic

Clement Pujol from France

Daniel Ackerman from Israel

Erik Winterfeldt from Sweden

Ivar Christenson from Sweden

Louis Stevens from Canada

Mino Seedler from Germany

Roos Seegers from The Netherlands

Simon Berry from the UK

Sophia Pellman from America

[caption id="attachment_8899" align="alignnone" width="950"]Flo Team Flo Team[/caption]
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