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10th Birthday of 26” Oracle - By Julian Page

10th Birthday of 26” Oracle - By Julian Page

A blog by Julian Page, enjoy!

I thought i would submit a blog celebrating my 26” Oracle Unicycles 10th Birthday, it remains my favourite unicycle to ride. It has completed 1170 miles over 290 rides, mostly in the North West of England. A couple of years ago it had a new hub, as the metal around the holes for two spokes broke free and had a new tyre and bearings. Otherwise it looks after itself.

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The Third British National Unicycling Road Race - 21st June

The Third British National Unicycling Road Race


21st June 2015 12 o’clock start
Entry fee £12 (Adults) £6 (u18)

The race consists of 7 (1 mile) laps of Horwich Town Center course, be at the start, next to the town hall by 11-30am, for the 12 o’clock start. When the leader has completed 7 laps, all other competitors will be finished as they pass the finishing line. Some competitors may be finished earlier to ensure the course is free for the next race.


Parking, with changing, showering facilities at Horwich Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Horwich, BL6 5PY.

If you are a member of TLI cycling you can enter and pay online –but please let me know, link-Click here

If you are not a member of TLI cycling then download the forms from the Unicycle North West facebook site and send them to me: Dr. Julian Page, 6 Holkar Meadows, Bromley Cross, Bolton BL7 9NA or e-mail to [email protected]. It would help the commentator if you could give me a little information about you –if I know you then I will make it up!!


Adult Application form
Under 18 Application form
If you have problems downloading the forms let me know and I will e-mail them to you.


Registration on the day: On arrival, register at the Horwich Bowling Hut, Jones Street, Horwich, BL6 7AQ. You MUST sign a form for the insurance and get your race number. Entry Fee £12 (Adults) £6 (under 18) payable on the day. If you are under 16 you must get your parent or guardian to complete a consent form.

We usually gather at the small grassy area next to the town hall, bring juggling stuff and make a day of it. Toilets are next to the bowling hut and there are a few shops and pubs around to buy food.


For more info and to keep up with the latest news there is a facebook event "The Third National Unicycle Road Race"

Julian Page on the Monsal Trail

The Monsal trail is about 9 miles long , running along a disused railway line from Bakewell to Buxton in Derbyshire. The trail goes through five amazing tunnels and two spectacular viaducts with views to match. The trail stops 2-3 miles short of Buxton and the link road is narrow and busy, so it’s best to start from the East end at Hassop or Bakewell. Map

There is plenty of parking at Bakewell or Hassop. My favourite start is Hassop (DE45 1NW) as there is a good café, toilets and a bike hire shop- parking is pay and display. Going west is a gradual climb so you get the benefit on the way back. The surface is good all the way so it’s easy on a 36” wheel. At weekends its quite busy with walkers and cyclists.

There are toilets at Millers Dale and a small snackbar/bike hire shop (open Spring to Autumn) at the west end.


The most impressive feature of the trail are the tunnels –five in number the longest is over 1/3 mile. They have only been opened up in the last three years. The have a good surface and are well lit.


IMG_2049-850The viaducts are worth a stop, there is often a group of abseilers on one of themIMG_2053-850

Views to die for!


The surface is excellentIMG_2044-850

It's one of my favourite railway trails and well worth a ride.

Julian Page

Report on the North Wales Coastal Path ride by Julian Page

Elaine and me half way along the trail
The North Wales Coastal Path is a great unicycle ride, 16 miles from the North end of Colwyn bay, past Rhyl and on to Prestatyn. Sea view all the way, virtually flat, with only a couple of shortl hills to provide some entertainment. The surface is good all the way so 36" wheels will be fine. There is a horrid bit near Prestatyn with a camber that does my head in! There are plenty of cafe's along the way, one in Pensarn does a mouth watering home made hot pot. The ride could be done in one go or in stages.

There are rail stations in Colwyn Bay, Rhyl and Prestatyn, so the route could be done one way and a train back. The winds are often westerly so bear this in mind.

A good ride well worth a visit.

the section with a steep camber Uhhh!

An early ride with my Oracle 36" -A single sculpture

The trail at Rhyl

The steepest bit -not bad at all

Near Colwyn Bay, Elaine and me, taken by Elaine's husband Bob

Horwich Festival of Racing Report by Julian Page.

The First National Open Unicycle Road Race 2013 went ahead on 16th June at the Horwich Festival of Racing. With 28 entered it was a fine race won by the Norwegian rider Cato Tveit.

Second was Duncan Clark. Duncan's train was cancelled so he was late getting into Bolton station. He unicycled the 6 miles out to the start, just having time to pin a number on, then the race was off! Matt Morris came third , he would have pushed Duncan but for a bad fall -I'm glad you didn't try the SPD foot clips Matt.

Half of the sponsored riders were there, me, Claire, Matt, JL and Cameron, together with the full unicycle staff. Black UDC teeshirts were there in abundance.  Cameron won the under 16's section. Nora Tveit, daughter of Cato came second in the ladies and under 16's, and won the first position for under 36" wheel size. She used a 32" !! Emily Johnson won the ladies event and UDC sponsored rider Clair came third.

Notable falls from JL passing the start line and Emily when finishing the 1 lap fun race. Both jumped up and showed what stern stuff us unicyclist are made of. Cameron had to show off some of his street skills as well.

Roger and Rachel competed in the 5K run, and 10 unicyclists participated in the fun cycle race-including Roger who could just keep up with the little uns! Not bad Roger, a swim in the lake district in the morning, 7 mile unicycle race, 5K run and then the fun run.
For me it was great to see nearly 30 big wheel unicycles in one place - That does not happen often.

The idea for the race happened after I finished unicycling the local park run and one of the organisers asked me if it would be possible to have a unicycle race at their Horwich festival?  From a little seed great things grow.

It was a great day out well organised and hopefully to be repeated next year. Many thanks to all who attended -lets have lots more entering next year.


The Results

Under 16
1st -  Cameron Peacock
2nd - Nora Tveit
3rd -  Olli Baker

1st -  Emily Johnson
2nd - Nora Tveit
3rd - Claire Page

1st - Cato Tveit
2nd - Duncan Clark
3rd - Matthew Morris

Over 50
Steve Colligan

Unicycle North West – Success

JL from Northwest Unicyclists: I feel compelled to write a few things about the unicycle group I’m a part of…

Over recent months I’ve struggled with many different things and slowly over time became detached from my circus skills, I especially lacked the urge to unicycle. However it was impossible to ignore how much fun so many friends were having. I saw the posts/videos and pictures being left on the Facebook group and it would make me want to get up and get riding.

In the past three weeks I’ve rode every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A mixture of muni, trials and other much longer trails. From the photos attached you can see that our rides are inclusive of all abilities, ages and unicycle size/type. I feel riding with others is far more enjoyable than riding alone. Riders stick together, look out for one another and generally help pass on skills. Our legendary unicycle sculptures have become a known ride tradition.

With special thanks to Julian Page, I feel the group – and what it provides is really helping lift my spirits. I am back unicycling and enjoying all my circus skills as much as I always have!

Snowman Unicycle holder..

Claire Page, daughter of sponsored rider Julian Page,  made good use of all the snow over the weekend. She built this rather impressive snowman and got it to hold her trials unicycle! Not much use when it melted but brilliant while it lasted!!



Oracle 36” Review By Julian Page

After seeing the Oracle 24” and 26”, I have been waiting with great interest for the release of the new 36” Oracle and bought one as soon as it was available.  After ordering it on Friday it arrived on Monday at mid-day. On opening the box the first thing to stand out was the bright green rim – “to die for”. Smooth and silky.

Building the unicycle was straightforward. I had heard rumours that fitting the tyre on a 36” would be awkward but it only needed a little assistance from tyre levers. The foss tube felt weird but slotted under the tyre OK. Watch out for it being crimped by the tyre. The brake was easy to install with an extra instruction sheet telling you how to fit the d’brake correctly.

I ordered a KH saddle rather than the standard UDC one – It’s softer… The first impression on handling it was the weight. 7.5kg felt so light –even with the brake. The unicycle looks great –you cannot miss the bright green. It comes with a matching green double-quick release seat clamp. The only pain was cutting down the seat post.

My first ride was 16.5 miles along the Millennium trail to Lancaster then to Morecambe –all traffic free and flat. Free mounting a 36” is a bit of a challenge but managed on the fourth attempt, then 3.5 miles all the way until Lancaster. First impressions SMOOTH, very smooth. For those who have not ridden a 36” the style of riding is different, its more spinning the wheel, keeping it moving, rather than two separate pushes with smaller wheels. It seems to take less effort. The 125cm cranks are about right. A word of caution you move faster so it is harder to keep on your feet with unplanned dismounts so wear suitable protective kit. On one section of the trail the tarmac was cut up a but the 36” seemed to roll over them fine. I even managed to go down a couple of shallow kerbs –not bad for me.

36” riding eats up the miles faster. In Lancaster there is a paving slab with a sculpture of a bear on a unicycle- no idea why. Had to take a picture.

I then rode along the Prom to Eric Morecambe’s statue. The ride back was straightforward. I was surprised how I felt after 16 miles. On a previous ride over the same ground on my 29” I was knackered but on the 36” I felt fine with almost no breaks except for lunch.

My next test ride was at Blackpool along the Prom, two days later wit Rob Day –another sponsored rider, JL Coldham and Bobby Byrne. 7 miles down wind with a 7 mile slog against the wind on the way back. We tested the brake on a few hills –smooth. Rob who has an expensive holt brake on his 29” felt it was a lot smoother than his with minimal griping but without as much stopping power but acceptable for a 36”. I just thought it was SO SO much smoother than rim Magura’s and better than the helix brakes fitted to the 24” and 26”. A definite step forward.

We would have had young Bobby test it but her feet wouldn’t reach the pedals!

Altogether the 36” Oracle is a fine piece of kit, it looks cool and is smooth to ride. I am very happy with it. Maybe it’s an Oracle 26” next?

Julian Page
UDC Sponsored Rider

Julian's Unicycle Flotilla

Our dedicated sponsored rider Julian has added to his collection of Unicycles this week with a brand new 36" Oracle! This takes his total number of Unicycles up to 8.

Here is the story of Julians Unicycle collection by Julian Page

First Unicycle a "Cheepo" internet unicycle for £29.99 -the learner unicycle for myself and my two daughters. It normally lives at my caravan by the sea in Anglesey, hence the rust. Old seat snapped, so has new seat and pedals.

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