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Cameron, Dan and Elliott go riding

Cameron Peacock, Dan Kent and Elliott Bateman were in Stockton for a day's riding to get some photos and to do some filming which lead to a lot of random and painful times. Falling of unis, landing new stuff and unicycle maintenance! Thanks to Jessica Dunn for doing photography.


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Cameron Peacock at Pennies in the Park

Last weekend I went to Thoresby's festival of cycling, or 'Pennies In The Park' to represent Unicycle.com. I entered myself into 3 of the races where I was placed 5th out of 10 in the big wheel race (29" or above). The race was  7.2 mile.

I came 4th out of many in the paper boy race and I only missed out on 3rd place by 0.5 seconds!

However I made it up on the slalom race... I didnt only win the unicycle slalom race but I won the over all slalom, against the fastest Penny farthing!  I also set the fastest ever track record of 9.7 seconds.

Later that weekend I learnt to ride the UDC Penny Farthing. I also took my ultimate wheel to this event where lots of people had a try out on it.

This was a very popular "toy" and brought many laughs as well. Oh, and did i mention i was interviewed by the paper again?

Sponsored Riders 2012

We are please to announce this years Sponsored Riders.

Jason Auld
Cameron Peacock
Adam Valman
Julian Page
Matthew Morris
Robert Day


Cameron Peacock's Easter Holidays

Here is Cameron’s riding adventures over the Easter holidays:

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My first ride over the Easter bank holidays was in Edinburgh. While I was here I was able to meet up with Jason Auld, a fellow sponsored rider. We rode at Usher Hall, Bristo Square (University), the Dynamic Earth and the Scottish Parliament Buildings. I also rode at Calton Hill which looks over Edinburgh City, Leith (The Firth of Forth) and Arthurs Seat.

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In Edinburgh I got 2 standing Ovations. One for hopping down 30 steps, and the tourists watched and filmed this, and the 2nd on the Royal Mile. Also a street entertainer said he would give me £5 if I rode my unicycle around his stage for his audience. Funny thing was he told me I didn't have to go to school anymore and he would see me in 10yrs performing.

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Jason, Iain & I all enjoyed our trials day but it had a cost, I broke one of my pedals, Jason Broke his frame and Iain buckled his wheel. Oh well the joys of Unicycling. Best and most fun part was playing in the pond.

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My other rides were at the seaside. First stop was in Scarborough but I really didn’t get to ride much, as everywhere was very busy. Next stops were Robin Hoods bay and Whitby, on the way home from Scarborough.

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At Robins Hoods bay there was plenty of benches and other obstacles to do some trials riding on. Then when I was bored we moved onto Whitby. At Whitby I attempted to hop down the 199 steps, without stopping or failing. Unfortunately I came off twice, and had to stop once for people walking up the steps to the Abbey. I will definitely attempt the steps again later in the year.

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By this time I was shattered so we had a walk around Whitby. I did some more riding near the pier, where I landed my 1st 360 foot plant which got on video. I was very pleased with this. Finally a slow ride back to the car brought loads of people to a halt on the quayside as I was doing some tricks on the way.

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Also whilst at Scarborough I got my Nickname (Cambo) on the back of my other white UDC top, and got a Cap made up with my local unicycle club (JUST ) logo on and Cambo.

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More from our Sponsored Riders

One of our local riders (Cameron Peacock) took a trip to Edinburgh, to ride with another of our riders Jason Auld. We have a full story from Cameron coming soon, but for now here is a quick photo of them both.

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UDC Sponsored Riders 2011

Thanks to everyone who applied for sponsorship. We've had a great response. If you were not successful this year please do try again next year as we look for something different every year!

Sponsored riders for 2011 are:

Ben-Glynn Joe-Sidebotham

Jason-Auld Julian-Page

Cameron-Peacock Simon-Berry

Trials, On a 36".. erm yeah

As I was looking about Uni Vision i came across this video which was bit erm intresting, is that the word? Its not the most amazing video or the most amazing trials but it is cool, come on Cameron give "36 Trials" ago!

Cameron Peacock does trials..

Here is a video of our very own Cameron Peacock from the J.U.S.T Club doing what he does. Check out he's back garden extremely dedicated, bet his mother loves it... Look out Joe Baxter!

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