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HolyHead Moutain on Trials Unicycle

On sunday I headed up Holyhead Mountain on my trials unicycle, I have previously ridden here last year with Matthew Morris on MUnis but a lot of the terrain is more suited to trials riding. Some challenging terrain.

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Thanks to Robert Day for the pictures, looks like a good challenging ride.

Sponsored riders take on Edale, in the snow!

On saturday Robert and I took a trip to Edale in the hope of filming for a new video, although as we got there we discovered that it was covered in over a foot of snow in places, so we gave up on the idea of a video and decided to make the most of being there anyway. We started it off finding a steep hillside with a very deep patch of snow running down it, this is how that went: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IoIPoNxZoo

We then came back to the car for some half time bacon and headed back out towards Jacob's ladder, after a tiring slippery walk up we started to head back down the path, with many falls but plenty of encouragement from passing walkers and mtbers we made it down alive!

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Newborough Forest on Anglesey

Newborough Forest on Anglesey a good place for a ride. UDC sponsored riders Julian and Rob have ridden there many times there are lots of easy trails, with great views over the Menai Straits and Snowdon.

It costs £3 to enter Newborough forest by road that leads tothe main car park, but free if you park near Malltraeth and ride in.

Question: Whats long and thin and causes Rob to fall over when it gets trapped in a wheel?

Hope Valley MTB Challange

On Saturday the 15th September, Rob set out on a 28 mile MTB route starting in Hope Valley. The route took in some of the best and most challenging MTB runs in the country, including Jacobs ladder, and 'the beast'.

Apart from a few mechanical issues, the brake lever falling apart, and well worn bearings almost seized up, the ride went very well!  The first 10 miles were completed with relative ease.

After around 20 miles the track was starting to take its toll, but after a 15min break Rob was good to go! He completed the ride in 7 hours and 17 mins, last place, but came home with the biggest smile!

There was great support from both the organisers and the riders, a definite must do for next year.

Carsington Water Ride - 4th September 2012

Our Sponsored Riders, Julian Page and Robert Day, have been out again riding round Carsington Water in Derbyshire.

Its a 2 mile long Reservoir between Ashbourne and Matlock. The trail is about eight and a half miles long, with a good surface.

It "undulates" with some gentle hills and ends up crossing the dam. There is a visitors centre with cafe and toilets -but its "pay and display".

Next to the centre is an island with a stone park -that is worth a cycle round. The car park to the North near Sheepwash is free.

Rob's Circus Skills Session

Robert Day one of sponsored riders sent us a review of some of the work he has been doing at Werneth High School.

I was invited into Werneth High School to teach unicycling and circus skills.

Teaching 8 classes I started each class with a short talk on circus skills, different types of unicycle and what is possible on a unicycle. Then I did some demonstrations of juggling, diabolo and unicycling answering questions as i was doing this. The students were very interested in my 24" MUni and 29" unicycles. I then did a teaching session for the last half of the class.

Many students were keen to have a go at unicycling and seemed interested in learning to ride. A highlight of the day was a girl who could ride a unicycle to the amazement of all the others.

The groups and staff loved my sessions and I hope to be invited to do more in the future.



UDC Riders unicycle around Caernarfon

On the May Bank Holiday Weekend,  Rob Day and I completed a short ride, 6 mile around Caernarfon. It was a brilliant evening, out from the town via the railway trail. Cutting across to the coast through Llanfaglan, then back along the road, next to the Menai Straight, to the castle. Rob on his upgraded unicycle with its new disk brake. I had a try and it's SMOOTH, not clunky at all. I want one!


View of the sun going down over the Menai Straight, notice Rob's "smooth" disk brake

The Coast road West of Caernarfon is beautiful and flat. Robs unicycle wheel has mysteriously shrunk!

Back at the Castle after a good ride.

Sponsored Riders 2012

We are please to announce this years Sponsored Riders.

Jason Auld
Cameron Peacock
Adam Valman
Julian Page
Matthew Morris
Robert Day

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