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Matthew Morris - Incredible 101.1 miles



On Sunday 1st september Matthew Moris, one of our sponsored riders, completed his first unicycle century; 101.1 miles in total.  It was part of the manchester 100 events organised by bike events

He felt a bit out of place among so many carbon road bikes.  He had a nice and early start at 7:50.  It took him a long 9 hours and 40 mins to return to the start point having completed the ride.  The route was not the easiest, with the first half having an unforgiving strong headwind along with some lovely hills to get your legs working.  There was plenty of encouragement from other riders to help him through the hard first 50 miles.  On the return stretch there was a good tail wind to push the cyclists home.  Although the organisers had thrown in some decent size hills in the last 15 miles to make sure your legs would ache the next day.



Average moving speed: 14.5mph

Moving time: 7 hours and 2 mins

Total time: 9 hours 40 mins

Total hight climbed: 2091ft

Max speed: 25.0 mph (a new personal record)




The whole ride was tracked using the GPS app strava, while some details are not as accurate as a cycle computer they give a good indication of the ride: http://www.strava.com/activities/79227958


Sponsored riders take on Edale, in the snow!

On saturday Robert and I took a trip to Edale in the hope of filming for a new video, although as we got there we discovered that it was covered in over a foot of snow in places, so we gave up on the idea of a video and decided to make the most of being there anyway. We started it off finding a steep hillside with a very deep patch of snow running down it, this is how that went: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IoIPoNxZoo

We then came back to the car for some half time bacon and headed back out towards Jacob's ladder, after a tiring slippery walk up we started to head back down the path, with many falls but plenty of encouragement from passing walkers and mtbers we made it down alive!

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North West Unicyclists!

On a sunny February day a group of us met at the BBC media city for a trials ride, it was great fun and we had a group of very mixed abilities and ages, so it was great fun for everyone! looks like a strong group of unicyclists is emerging in the north west.

Claire organised the sunny blue sky but didn't manage to fall in the water this time!

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Blog post by
Matthew Morris (Sponsored Rider)


UDC Riders Hit Gisburn forest

Julian & Matt rode around Gisburn forest, near Clitheroe today.

Matt had fun on the red routes but injured his ankle -hence the picture of him walking -notice the limp.

Julian was fine on the Blue route -with no injury. There have been some recent improvements to the trails especially the North-shore and last banked sections -made it down all the way for the first time. :-)

Worth another visit...

Julian P & Matt M

Manchester to Blackpool by Matthew Morris

Yesterday I completed the Manchester to Blackpool ride, a 64mile ride in aid of Christie's. There was well over 6000 bikers taking part, some of them in costume.
I set off around 6:50 and got off to a good start, once i had warmed up a little i got into a comfortable pace. Over the next 30-40 miles the ride was fairly hilly, with descents being just as hard as the uphills. On one long and steep decent I managed to hit a personal top speed of 23.78mph.

The ride was going well until I ran out of water with around 18 miles to go. Luckily there was someone handing out bottles of water just as i ran out, so that kept me going for a while. Up until now I had not taken any stops except at a couple of traffic lights where, if lucky, I would have a shoulder to hold onto.

With 10 miles to go the cramp was getting quite intense. With the last 10 mile stretch along the sea front having a strong head wind, this slowed me down by quite a lot, but I kept going as I had already gone 50 miles with no stops. I couldn't stop now! Coming up to the finish line was amazing, with so many people clapping every time someone crossed it, and the slice of cake and water at the end was brilliant! After talking to many cyclists, trying to convert them to one wheel, I made my way to the chippy, a great end to a great day!

I had completed 64 miles in 4 hours and 20 mins, non-stop, which means I had an average speed of 14.8mph. Thank you to all the cyclists who gave me support along the way, I hope to see you next year!
Across the finish line at last.

Sponsored Riders 2012

We are please to announce this years Sponsored Riders.

Jason Auld
Cameron Peacock
Adam Valman
Julian Page
Matthew Morris
Robert Day

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