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2017 Kris Holm Schlumpf Hubs are in stock

The newest generation of the Schlumpf hub is now in stock.

Schlumpf HubThis is the latest generation of the renowned Kris Holm Schlumpf hub.

The Schlumpf hub has two gear-ratios: Direct Drive 1:1 and Overdrive 1:1.5. This means a 29" will run like a 44" and a 36" like a 54"! So you can can go much faster than ever but without loosing any climbing torque or maneuverability.

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This newer model has be designed to be used in conjunction with the latest Kris Holm frames (older frames are compatible) and is fully disc brake compatible.

The Discovery Science Channel - Crew from "How It's Made" visited the workshop to make a film about how the hubs are made. See below


How it all started for Kris Holm

As a geoscientist, Kris Holm, MSc’02, makes his living from knowing the land. But he’s probably covered more of it as an off‐road unicyclist.

Where it all started for Kris...

At four years old, Kris Holm, took up the violin. Over the years he became good at it, and while he trained in the classical mode, he picked up fiddling along the way. Learning the violin, he says, became something of a metaphor for the rest of his life, and his teacher, the late Frona Colquhoun, became his first and most influential mentor..

“Because I was doing it at such a young age,” he says, “she taught me that I could learn something that seems impossible at first glance.”

At some point, however, he must have decided that the violin wasn’t going to pay the rent, so he looked to other activities. One day, shortly before his twelfth birthday, he saw a man in downtown Victoria riding a unicycle, playing a violin. “That’s for me,” he thought, and asked for one for his birthday. And so it was that one of the world’s foremost unicycle athletes was born.

“Unicycling is a rare sport,” he says, “because initially it’s so difficult to do. Most sports, even the ones that are hard to do well, are easy to do badly. Anyone can get up on a skateboard, for example, and teeter precariously down the street. But even an athletic person can barely go a metre on a unicycle to start, and that stops a lot of people from trying.”

To read the rest of this article follow this link


Deal of the Week - Kris Holm Pedals

For a change this week we have decided to offer you some pedals at a great price.

Get a pair of the Kris Holm Plastic Studded pedal for £9, for one week only.

Kris Holm Plastic Pedals Kris Holm Plastic Pedal

A great pair of pedals for under £10!

The Kris Holm pedal is made from tough, light and translucent polycarbonate. These come with replaceable blue traction pins. As a result, these plastic pedals have as much grip in the wet as any metal pedal, making them usable all year round.

What some of our customers said about these Pedals

I love DMR V12s but they can do serious damage to your shins & calves - and other family members just walking past your muni parked up at home. These are grippy enough for off road, very light, strong & they look great - very similar shape & feel to V12s but at less than half the price. On the road I find them easier to shift my foot position due to the smooth studs which give greater overall control. I love them and I ordered a second pair.

I've reviewed these before, I aid I'd buy them for my other unis and I have now done so. Light, smart (I like the blue spindle) and very grippy. I have them on my 36, 29, 28 and 24. Good on and off road.

Delivery of Kris Holm and Qu-Ax stock just arrived

We have just received a delivery of out of stock Qu-ax and Kris Holm parts and unicycles.

Kris Holm delivery

For those of you who have been waiting the KH27.5" Mountain Unicycle is now back in stock.

Kris Holm 27.5 MUni (delivery)

There are many more Kris Holm items back in stock, check out all the Kris Holm items we have here.

Qu-Ax Delivery

The Qu-Ax 20" Profi Unicycle in chrome is now back in stock, along with many other Qu-Ax items which you can see here.

We also now have Foss Repair patches back in stock, Buy here.

These are necessary for anyone using a Foss Inner tube in their Unicycle.

Why not check out our New Products page for all that is new on the Unicycle.uk.com Website.

KH Factory Team 2017 Announcement

Kris has announced his new Factory Team for 2017 with two new young riders joining the Team!

Loïc Miara and Kosma Roy of Montreal, Canada will be joining the KH team.  Loïc and Kosma represent the latest generation of top urban riders and will be riding on the KH20. Check out their latest video.


Kris Holm 'Fusion-One' Saddle In Stock now

The Fusion One saddle features a slim mid-section, foam cutaway, and flatter profile that places your weight back on your sit bones (“ischial tuberosities”).saddleFusionOne

While it takes some getting used to, this reduces the chafing and loss of blood circulation that can occur with traditionally curved unicycle saddles.  The Fusion one has a stiff base and is now compatible with Kris Holm Reinforcement plate. Read more about the new saddle on Kris's Blog here


And the Kris Holm Evolution of Balance 2016 Winner is....

The Evolution of Balance Award is a bi-annual grant to support riders seeking non-competitive mountain unicycling adventures in remote places around the world.

This year's winners are Anne-Sophie Rodet (Canada) and Kelli Carley (USA), An’So and Kelli proposed a self-supported technical muni traverse in the Alps from the Chartreuse Range in France to Zermatt, Switzerland, via Chamonix-Mont Blanc. The proposed trip includes the famous Haute Route ski traverse and will cover about 500km and 25,000m of elevation gain, much of it singletrack in the high alpine.  To read more about the winners you can continue to read on the Kris Holm Blog


A Guy who Unicycles to South America. And Back.

In 2013, Cary Gray applied for Kris Holm's Evolution of Balance Award with an application that frankly would have sounded unbelievable if not for his already impressive record of self-supported unicycle rides. Cary had proposed a convoluted, 24,000 km route along roads and trails through every single land-based country in North and South America.

Two and a Half years later Kris has caught up with Cary to ask him a few questions, read about it here.


Are you planning a Unicycle adventure? Then maybe you should apply for the 2016 Evolution of Balance Award.
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