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Deal of the Week - Kris Holm Pedals

For a change this week we have decided to offer you some pedals at a great price.

Get a pair of the Kris Holm Plastic Studded pedal for £9, for one week only.

Kris Holm Plastic Pedals Kris Holm Plastic Pedal

A great pair of pedals for under £10!

The Kris Holm pedal is made from tough, light and translucent polycarbonate. These come with replaceable blue traction pins. As a result, these plastic pedals have as much grip in the wet as any metal pedal, making them usable all year round.

What some of our customers said about these Pedals

I love DMR V12s but they can do serious damage to your shins & calves - and other family members just walking past your muni parked up at home. These are grippy enough for off road, very light, strong & they look great - very similar shape & feel to V12s but at less than half the price. On the road I find them easier to shift my foot position due to the smooth studs which give greater overall control. I love them and I ordered a second pair.

I've reviewed these before, I aid I'd buy them for my other unis and I have now done so. Light, smart (I like the blue spindle) and very grippy. I have them on my 36, 29, 28 and 24. Good on and off road.


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