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2017 Kris Holm Schlumpf Hubs are in stock

The newest generation of the Schlumpf hub is now in stock.

Schlumpf HubThis is the latest generation of the renowned Kris Holm Schlumpf hub.

The Schlumpf hub has two gear-ratios: Direct Drive 1:1 and Overdrive 1:1.5. This means a 29" will run like a 44" and a 36" like a 54"! So you can can go much faster than ever but without loosing any climbing torque or maneuverability.

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This newer model has be designed to be used in conjunction with the latest Kris Holm frames (older frames are compatible) and is fully disc brake compatible.

The Discovery Science Channel - Crew from "How It's Made" visited the workshop to make a film about how the hubs are made. See below



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