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2017 Kris Holm Schlumpf Hubs are in stock

The newest generation of the Schlumpf hub is now in stock.

Schlumpf HubThis is the latest generation of the renowned Kris Holm Schlumpf hub.

The Schlumpf hub has two gear-ratios: Direct Drive 1:1 and Overdrive 1:1.5. This means a 29" will run like a 44" and a 36" like a 54"! So you can can go much faster than ever but without loosing any climbing torque or maneuverability.

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This newer model has be designed to be used in conjunction with the latest Kris Holm frames (older frames are compatible) and is fully disc brake compatible.

The Discovery Science Channel - Crew from "How It's Made" visited the workshop to make a film about how the hubs are made. See below


Our new office (Part 2)

Office Skeleton

Here is the second part of our little video series, documenting the construction of our new office. After a week of building we have a wood skeleton, with the start to the roof. It's so much easier to visualize what it will look like now the structure is almost complete.

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Our new office (Part 1)

We are going to be documenting the building and construction of our new office. This is the first video in the series. The new office is very exciting for us. It is a massive project and some major work is about to happen here at unicycle.com. Watch this space for the next video in the series.

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Latest Kris Holm products have arrived... Finally.

We have finally got stock of all the latest Kris Holm products. We've got the latest Kris Holm frames, which now has a one-piece forged fork crown and neck incorporates the best characteristics of both flat top and rounded designs, with a stable platform and rounded corners to avoid bashed knees.

We've also got in stock the new Spirit hubs! Which are now a one piece item with centre of the axle tapering slightly giving an hour-glass shape to reduce weight all while maintaining strength.

Check out all the other new Kris Holm products on our New Products page.

Unicycle.com Fun Wheels

Introducing the Unicycle.com Fun Wheels with three wheels

Fun Wheels are a great skill toy and have been used for years as an early stage in the learning of how to ride a unicycle. These help with co-ordination and balance unlike normal Fun Wheels the Unicycle.com version can be used by adults and children.



New Qu-Ax Knee or Elbow Guard

This protector supports the knee or elbow without restricting normal movement. It protects the knee on contact with the ground and due to lengthened padding restricts abrasions. The same pads can also be used on the elbow making this product multi functional.


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