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Penny Farthing Guinness World Records Weekend Extravaganza

Penny Farthing Guinness World Records

The event will be a massive extravaganza and we hope that it will bring all the penny farthing communities together to have a fun weekend. For more details checkout Facebook for more details or the website where you can register.

*** Provisional Schedule ***

Friday 11th October

1200 hrs Accommodation opens Herne Hill Village
1500 hrs Welcome Briefing  HHV - Club House
1530 hrs PF riders track time Herne Hill Velodrome
1600 hrs Ladies WR Team Training Herne Hill Velodrome
1900 hrs Welcome Victorian Dinner Herne Hill Village

Saturday 12th October

0830 hrs Breakfast  HHV - Club House
0930 hrs Safety Briefing  HHV - Club House
1000 hrs Local Ride / Stack Practice Dulwich Park
1230 hrs Lunch  
1300 hrs Slow Race / Skills Test HHV - Inner Field
1330 hrs PF riders track time Herne Hill Velodrome
1400 hrs Novices Race Herne Hill Velodrome
1430 hrs Sprint Race (Age 60+) Herne Hill Velodrome
1500 hrs Sprint Race (Age 40 - 59) Herne Hill Velodrome
1530 hrs Sprint Race (Age 18 - 39) Herne Hill Velodrome
1600 hrs Ladies One Hour WR Herne Hill Velodrome
1700 hrs Tea Break HHV HHV - Club House
1730 hrs Endurance Elimination Race Herne Hill Velodrome
1830 hrs Presentation Ceremony HHV - Club House
1900 hrs BBQ HHV - Club House

Sunday 13th October

0830 hrs Breakfast HHV - Club House
0930 hrs Safety Briefing HHV - Club House
1000 hrs 10m ride to LVVP E20 3AB
1200 hrs Welcome Speech / Lunch LVVP Cafe
1300 hrs Stack Practice LVVP - Inner area
1400 hrs GWR Stack Attempt LVVP - Cote D’Azur
1530 hrs Presentation Ceremony LVVP - Cafe
1600 hrs Return Ride to HHV SE24 9HE
1730 hrs Tea Break HHV - Club House
1800 hrs Departures HHV - Club House

Do checkout the facebook page for the latest information  https://www.facebook.com/events/651875393636361/


The event event page at: https://pennyfarthingworldrecords.com/



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