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Pickwick Bicycle Club Ordinary Cycle race

Penny Farthing race

On the 25 September 2022, the Pickwick Bicycle Club put on 2 races at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. These were the one mile Grand Old Ordinary race for machines over 120 years old and then a 30 minute + 2 lap race for modern Penny farthings.

The Grand Old Ordinary race relied on the older machines for the racing and as such was not as fast as the modern machine race.  It does not mean it was not interesting to see these vintage machines actually being used and not just hung on a wall.  The race was won convincingly by Gordon MacLachlan and the over 65 trophy went to Phil Saunders.  They were presented the amazing trophies by the president of the Pickwick Bicycle Club.

  • 1st: Gordon MacLachlan
  • 2nd: Paul Sellars
  • 3rd: Christian Richards
  • Veterans Trophy (over 65): Phil Saunders

The modern penny farthing race was generally a faster race with the modern machines being able to be thrown in the corners faster.  It was won by Unicycle.com's Roger Davies on a UDC 3.5 machine.  He beat the opposition by over half a lap in the end.  Roger was presented with a tiny chest containing "The Ashes" (the ashes of the bar ends from Joff's around the world trip) by Joff Sommerfield himself.

Modern Penny Farthings

  • 1st: Roger Davies
  • 2nd: Gordon MacLachlan
  • 3rd: Terrence Houlahan


Video by Terrence Houlahan


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