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[How-To] Removing and Refitting Tyres

Removing Tyres

Removing tyres is easy, but if you are unsure here is a quick video showing the way I do it. We've had a few messages from customers that were unable to remove tyres from Unicycles with wide rims, these feature on all the Kris Holm Unicycles and many others.

Inner Tubes

Inner tubes are sensitive things. Even with a protective rubber tire over them, sharp objects can penetrate your treads and puncture the tube. This can occur very suddenly and take your Unicycle out of commission. Most long-distance riders carry a spare tube (sometimes two) with them when riding their Unicycle. If you have to change out your inner tube, one of the toughest aspects of the procedure will be removing the tyre from the rim.

YouTube Channel

We don't "Vlog" but we are trying to release frequent videos on all aspects of Unicycling. We are mainly focusing on "How-To" videos at the moment, giving helpful tips on keeping your Unicycling going. To checkout our channel click here.



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