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Staff Unicycles 'Part9'

Today we have a unicycle that clams the title of the most expensive out of the Staff Unicycles, because it's Rogers Titanium Trials (Show Off). Let's start with the saddle. It's a Kris Holm Street saddle that's had the base removed and replaced with a Carbon fiber seat base. It looks really cool and is obviously very light. All this together with a long neck frame, really short seatpost and a single bolt clamp, it really is incredibly lightweight.

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The frame its self is a Nimbus Titanium Trials frame, which is the same design as the old Nimbus X only wider to accommodate the trials wheel. Continuing on the weight saving the wheel is a Kris Holm Trials Wheel with a Kris Holm Titanium hub, and just to be that little bit different Roger has built the wheel with stainless steel spokes and blue anodized nipples.

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As with most trials it has a Maxxis Creepy-Crawler tyre which is soon to be replaced with our new Blizard Tyre. It has got Lightweight Nimbus 125mm cranks and plastic DX Pedals to complete this extremely lightweight trials machine.

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