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Staff Unicycles 'Part8'

Yes it's another Eclipse but it's the last one and today its Rogers, and compared to mine and Rachael's its looks like the "Evil Eclipse" with the Black frame and gold highlights. Well up top we have the latest Nimbus Gel saddle with the black cover and white handles, bolted to a 200 x 25.4mm Nimbus Aluminium Seatpost.

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Then we have the special fit doublebolt clamp these clamps are slightly larger than the normal doublebolts to accommodate the frames, the frame its self is a one off black anodized frame which started life as a standard 300mm Eclipse Frame.

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Next wheel is a Gusset BlackDog Rim with 181mm Black 13g Spokes and anodized gold spoke nipples, all connected to a Eclipse Hub and wrapped in a Kenda Kikzumbut 20"  x 1.95" Tyre in white. For the cranks Roger as gone for Nimbus Venture 100mm in Silver that comes on the standard Eclipse with oddly our new Nimbus Studded pedals (I have these on my Muni).

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