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36" Qu-Ax 'Q-Axle' Disc Unicycle £127 Off

This weeks Deal Of The Week is the 36" Qu-Ax 'Q-Axle' Disc Unicycle - Black. The 36" Qu-Ax 'Q-Axle' Disc Unicycle - Black is available for only £400 For one week only. This unicycle is usually on sale for £527, but until the 7th of June you can save a whooping £127.

Light disc-braked unicycle with the QAxle-system, durable, light, rigid and an excellent choice for long-distance-riding or commuting.

36" Qu-Ax 'Q-Axle' Disc Unicycle Features:

Saddle: Qu-Ax Freestyle Saddle - White or Qu-Ax QX Eleven Saddle
Seatpost:  Qu-Ax 'Aluminium' Seatpost 350mm - (25.4)
Seatpost Clamp: QX-Series 'Doublebolt' Seatpost Clamp - Black (28.6)
Frame: QX-Series 'Aluminium' Frame Black
Wheel-Size: 36"
Tyre: TA 36 x 2 1/4 Tyre
Tube: 36" FOSS Inner tube with Presta Valve
QU-AX 36" Marathon Disc Rim
Spokes: 36 Spokes
Hub: Qu-Ax 'Q-Axle' ISIS Disc Hub, 36 Hole - Red
Cranks: Qu-Ax 'Q-Axle'  ISIS Cranks - 145mm
Pedals: QX-Series 'Studded' Plastic Pedals - Luminous
Brake: Shimano BL-M-445 Disc Brake.

To remove the cranks you will need a Crank Installation Tool for HollowTech II

Weight: 7.7kg

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 100cm (39.5"), Maximum - 107cm (42")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 87.5cm (34.5")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes

36" Unicycle.com Trainer Uniycle with £75 OFF

This weeks Deal Of The Week is a wheelie good price for such a big wheel.  For one week only this fantastic unicycle is available for just £210. Thats a saving of £75, but only until the 23rd November.

[caption id="attachment_9133" align="alignnone" width="750"] 36" Trainer Unicycle[/caption]

The wheel is built around a specially widened Unicycle.com CroMo hub. This means that the whole wheel is structurally stronger and more rigid. Which in turn means more efficient transfer of your pedalling energy into forward motion rather than going into wheel flex. The chrome plated steel frame was specially made to accommodate the wider hub. It also comes with the trainer saddle, this is a super comfy saddle, great for long rides.

36" Unicycle.com Trainer unicycle Specification

Saddle: Trainer Saddle
Seatpost: UDC 'Heavy Duty' Seatpost 300mm - (25.4)
Seatpost clamp: Doublebolt Seatpost Clamp - Black 28.6
Frame: 36" Trainer Unicycle Frame - Chrome
Wheel-size: 36"
Tyre: Nimbus Nightrider 36" x 2.25" Tyre
Rim: 36" Nimbus 'Stealth2' Rim - Black
Spokes: Stainless Steel 14G.
Hub: UDC CrMO Cotterless Hub - 36 Hole
Cranks: Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Chrome 152mm
Pedals: Round Plastic Pedals - Black

Weight: 8.1kg

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 96cm (37.8"), Maximum - 104cm (40.9")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 81cm (31.9")

Unicycle around the world with Ed Pratt, Australia

Ed Pratt is the young man who is riding around the world on his 36" unicycle.  He is currently making his way across Australia.

Don't forget to subscribe to Ed's YouTube channel so you will see when he up-loads his next video.

See where Ed is right now by clicking here

Not only is Ed having a great adventure but he is raising money for the School in a Bag charity. If you would like to find out more click here

Deal of the week - 36" Nimbus Oracle

This week we are offering the Awesome 36" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle with Disc Brake as our Deal of the week.

The 36" Nimbus Oracle with Disc Brake is usually available for the great price of £495.

But for one week only you can get this amazing unicycle for only £415.

36" Nimbus Oracle Disc Unicycle - Green

Here is what some customer have said about the 36" Nimbus Oracle:

Moving up to a 36 inch wheel was a bit daunting at first, but I got used to it with regular practice. I can't fault the advice, support and quality of service offered by Unicycle.com. It really was first class. I was unsure about buying the unicycle with a brake at first, but I'm glad I did in the end as it is very useful. The heavier wheel naturally gathers momentum when going down hills, and the brake controls it so well. This unicycle really gives a smooth and solid ride once you have mastered it.
I am really pleased with this unicycle and with the excellent service and support given.

Still getting to grips with this beast of a unicycle but I am impressed with the quality and high component specification.
Definitely a head-turner and that brake allows very fine operation without any snatching whatsoever.


With the tyre being our only point of contact with the ground, and only one of them makes it a pretty necessary part of your unicycle.  So checking your tyres regularly to make sure they have no damage, uneven wear or just no grip cause you've been riding so much is quite important.  Alot of unicyclists wear their tyres unevenly, generally from idling, or gliding, so rotating your tyre can help prolong it's life.


But should you find yourself in need of a new tyre or you just want to try a different tread pattern here at Unicycle.com we carry a large selection of tyres, and can offer advise on what to pick to suite your needs.

19" Trials and Flatland tyres
16"/18"/20" Freestyle/general riding tyres
24"/26" General and Muni tyres
29" Muni and Road tyres
and of course 36" tyres for big wheel road/off road Unicycle

New lightweight TA 36" Tyre

The Qu-Ax TA (36 x 2 1/4) tyre has been around for many a year now and has proved itself as a fine road going tyre. Until now though it has always been a little on the heavy side sitting at about 2.5 kg. We have just received the new lightweight version of this tyre. The tyre tread has stayed the same but the weight has dropped to just over 1.6kg. So if your in the market for a new lightweight tyre for your 36 road Unicycle perhaps this is worth a consideration.

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