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Review of Durham Juggling & Circus Festival 2014

Again the North East Circus community have put on one of the most dynamic circus events of the year.

Main Hall

This year the event had over 160 people. With an expanded programme stretching from Friday evening until the absolutely amazing Sunday afternoon Youth Circus Show.

The main hall had Unicycle.com, Lazy Juggler and Butterfingers trading and helping people.

DSC_3271a-680 DSC_3269a-680

The convention games were run by Steve from Circus Central.

DSC_3301a-680 DSC_3288a-680 DSC_3304a-680

One of the highlights of the weekend is always the show. This was no exception this year. With it's now characteristic cabaret layout it lead the audience in to a mixture of acts and all sustained by the new famous "Dr John's bar".


Comperes 'The Barefoot Businessmen'


Commonwealth Youth Circus featuring Hannah, Elissa, Cathy and Shona - Acrobatics (Glasgow)

DSC_3342a-680 DSC_3332a-680

Arthur Hyam - Diabolo Improv (London)

DSC_3389a-680 DSC_3380a-680 DSC_3378a-680 DSC_3373a-680

Family Forma Fortis - Theatre Acro (Germany/Durham)

DSC_3426a-680 DSC_3425a-680 DSC_3410a-680 DSC_3448a-680 DSC_3480a-680 DSC_3440a-680DSC_3504a-680

Tom Barker - Spoonatic (Brighton)


Dr John's bar!


Lee Tinnion - Clown Logic (Newcastle)

DSC_3531a-680 DSC_3530a-680

Alfonso el egoisto Alicante de Tapas and Squeezebox Rosie (Argentina/Newcastle)

DSC_3546a-680 DSC_3532a-680

Penella P and Little T aka The Fire Girls - Hoop da Funk (Newcastle/Sunderland)

DSC_3563a-680 DSC_3560a-680

Frederike Gerstner (Germany/London)


The Sunday Youth had an absolute fantastic with a broad range of acts. The whole show from stage manager, lighting and acts were all under 25.




The Five Ring Circus invitational cabaret

DSC_3606a-680 DSC_3729a-680 DSC_3733a-680 DSC_3739-680

Connor (CYC) - Acrostaff

DSC_3615a-680 DSC_3616a-680

Liza Orange (5RC) - Hoop


Hannah (CYC) - Hand Balancing


Butterfinger Fin

DSC_3633a-680 DSC_3657a-680

Iain (CYC) Contact Juggling


Iain and Robbie (CYC) - acro and juggling

DSC_3814a-680 DSC_3817a-680 DSC_3824a-680

Shona (CYC) - Hula Hoop

DSC_3874a-680 DSC_3880a-680


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