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Call of the Road, The Penny Farthing World Tour Continues..

Back in 2006 Joff Summerfield set out on his first world tour by Penny Farthing, taking him 2.5yrs.  Now 6yrs after his return he is heading off again.  This time Joff is going West across the States to the Rockies then turning left and riding to the bottom of South America, After that he hasn't decided....   Watch the pre-trip video below, to find out more.Joff1We will be following Joff on his amazing journey and sharing his videos as he goes.

Here is the first installment of his, Call of the Road video where Joff rides from Toronto to Sarina.


If you want to keep up to date with How Joff is doing, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and through either pennyfarthingworldtour.com or calloftheroad.co.uk


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