When are we getting more stock?


With everything going on in the world now, we have experienced sales like we have never seen… But in addition, we’ve also experienced delivery issues. Big issues…

Large deliveries we were expecting in April, still have not arrived. Which means we are starting to run low on many Unicycles. As can been seen on our website.

Thankfully, we have confirmation that our delivery is due towards the end of July! Meaning many out of stock items will be back in stock. Plus, we still have a large stock of Unicycle parts, which means we can build some bespoke unicycles. So get in touch if you are wanting something special.

If you are happy to wait until July, you can request a notification from our website when items are back in stock. Simply click the link on the product you want to be notified about. Our website will then send you an email when it is back in stock and ready to be ordered.

Finally, there is going to be several new products on this July container. More importantly an especially important product from Exceed. More on that soon...


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