New Products

New products

At we work hard to keep our products fresh and up to date. You will appreciate that R&D for all our brands takes time, so it may look like we are doing nothing at all for long periods of time! In reality we are constantly working away in the background. The best part of our job is when the products are ready for release!

We have loads of new and exciting products coming up and we are kicking things off with these 4 new products.

32" Hoppley Penny Farthing

After the success of the 29" Hoppley Penny Farthing we have raised our game with this larger 32" version. The specification is the same as the 29" but with a bigger front wheel. We have aimed to keep the aesthetics and ride characteristics as authentic as possible. We think this is going to be very popular! It's an awesome ride, you won't be disappointed!

12” Tini-Uni Unicycle - Orange

The Tini-uni has had a new shiny paint job! We have moved away from the very specific blue/pink colours and moved towards a more gender-neutral colour scheme. Hopefully all the aspiring young rides will love it. Ideal first unicycle for very small children. This unicycle is designed to be small enough for children under 5 year olds and even as young as 2 years old.

Inner Tube 36x2.25” (Lightweight)

Sometimes new products may not seem that exciting! However, to anyone into long distance and a weight weenie, you will love this new lightweight 36" butyl inner tube.

UDC Penny Farthing Stand

And finally, we have one for all you Penny Farthing riders out there. It is a stand, I know right, how exciting. Now you can display your pride and joy in all its glory without having to lean it against the wall or hide it away in the corner.

All the products and more will be available here in the UK late-July.


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