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Unicycle.com in Taiwan 2014 - Part 1

Roger and I have just got back from Taiwan where we met up with Amy and Josh from unicycle.com USA. We had lots of meetings and factory tours and we visited the Taipei International Bike Show.

Day 1 Friday 28th February

Our first stop was Jetset who make our rims. This was probably my favorite factory.  It was very interesting to see how the rims get rolled and made. Here are a few pictures from Jetset

This is how the rims look before they are rolled




Next we visited the factory where our wheels get built and the containers get packed. This was quite literally breathtaking to see the amount of wheels hung up on the ceiling. One man builds all our wheels, incredible!



Here is our container getting packed. It will arrive with us in the UK in April


Next we headed off for more meetings but these are top secret so you will just have to wait and see what we have coming!!

Later that evening I experienced my first Taiwanese banquet party.. It was interesting to say the least.  It was a great night! Here is Roger taking the lead on the wine consumption.


And here..


They even presented Amy Drummond with a birthday cake!


So that concludes Part 1.

Part 2 "In the Mountains" coming soon..


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