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Unicycle.com in Taiwan 2014 - Part 3

Wednesday 5-7th March - Taipei Cycle Show

We arrived in Taipei ready for a few busy days af the cycle show where we look for new products and ideas. We also meet with our manufacturers and have meetings about the parts they are making for us. A lot of development happens here.


The day starts with a meeting but I cant tell you where, who with or what its for! Here is a picture to keep you guessing


Josh and I taking things seriously and checking out the drift trikes!


Worst meal EVER in the entirety of the trip!


We had a productive few days and hopefully you will start seeing the things we have been busy developing soon.

On the last day we were killing time before our flight. Roger, Kris and I went walking around Taipei and found a few interesting things along the way.


So that concludes part 3 of my Taiwan trip!






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