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Old logo was started in 1999, so this year it is 20 years old. We are doing a little celebration throughout the year. All our boxes have special boxes and any order over £50 we will give a lovely combative carabiner.

If you would like to read more about how it started, go to our history page.


LEJOG Penny Farthing World Record

World record attempt by Richard Thoday

On the 20th July 2019 Richard Thoday will attempt to break the Penny Farthing world record for Lands End to John O'Groats. All in the name of charity raising funds for Children in Need.

The record of 5 days 1 3/4 hours was set by George Pilkington Mills in 1886. The record set by GP Mills is one of the most infamous cycling records of all time. He was the premier rider of his time holding many world records. It is a testimony as to how amazing this record is that it has stood unbroken for 113 years.

Richard at Nocturne

Richard Thoday, a Secondary School teacher from Matlock in Derbyshire is one of the fastest Penny Farthing riders in the world having held the UK and European titles in the last few years.  He was part of the team working with Mark Beaumont to break the one hour Penny Farthing record. As well as being an exceptional Penny Farthing racer Richard is an experienced long distance road cyclist having taken part in numerous 24hr cycling events. In October last year he switched his training over to concentrate on endurance Penny Farthing riding and has not ridden a "safety bike" during that time!

Winter Training

He will be keeping a punishing schedule of around 200 miles per day throughout the attempt and is well versed in long stints in the saddle. The route features 31,850ft of climbing across the 5 days, it’s going to be his toughest test yet.

Richard Thoday

Richard is riding a 52" UDC penny farthing for the attempt.

He is backed by a team of passionate sponsors, loving family and enthusastic friends. Follow and share his progress on his social media and donate generously.

Dawn Thoday

You can read more about the challenge on the event website:


7th National Unicycle Road Race 2019 - Horwich

The start of the 7th National Unicycle Road Race 2019 in Horwich

The UK's national road race takes place in Horwich each year. The event is hosted by the Horwich cycle event and organised by Julien Page.

The race is a criterium event and attacts people from all over the uk.  The 1.57km closed course is around the centre of Horwich.  The top riders covered 8 laps.

On what was a weather full weekend, it was lucky that the race did not have any rain and very little wind.


Mens Winner Horwich unicycle

1. Roger Davies (>50) 23min 44sec
2. Robin Whitfield
3. Mark Chonofsky
4. Adam Foley
5. Joe Baxter
6. Phil Crystal
7. William Turton
8. Julian Barrow
9. Tom Gillard
10. Julian Page

Womens winner Horwich unicycle
1. Helen Wickins
2. Claire Page
3. Heather Page
4. Susan Bow
5. Jodie Symmington
7. Caroline Conaghan
8. Nik Milford

U16 Horwich Winners Unicycle

1. Tom Gillard
2. Bradley Schofield
12 and under
1. Bradley Schofield
2. Jude Turner
3. Thomas Shinks

U12 Horwich Unicycle

Massive thanks for Julian Page for organising the event and Jeff and Claire Peacock for marshelling the event.

Unicycle race horwich

Unicycle Spoke Calculator

How to work out your spoke length

Here at we are the unicycle specialists, so of course we support the building and maintenance of unicycle. We have built in to our website a tool that allows you to work out the length of the spokes you need to build your unicycle or penny farthing.

The spoke calculator has built in a drop down menu to allow you to select the hub and rims.  Should you wish to work out a spoke length for a rim or hub that is not on the drop down menu you can just type in the figures.

Within the spoke calculator is a mini FAQ on how to measure spokes, hubs and rims.

EUC at EJC 2019 Schedule announced

Mike Taylor jumping

The EUC Summer team have just released their workshop and competition schedule for this years event. As this event is associated with EJC (European Juggling Convention) the unicycle events will be organised over 10 days, not the normal 3 days.

Although EUC is the Extreme Unicycle Championships, it has a broad interest for riders of all ability from the absolution beginner to world champions.

The main competitions for the week will be loaded towards the end of the event and there is a special registration for riders who only want to come for the main competitions. 


New Website -

new website

We are live!

Over the last few months we have been working hard developing our new website. We are happy to announce it is now live! With all new websites comes little bugs and problems that we might miss. Bare with us, as we are still working hard going through the site and making little changes all the time.
If you find a problem or spot something that isn't right, let us know! We really appreciate customer feed back and we welcome all comments.


The FAQ section has had a massive over haul. It is still a work in progess but any feedback on this section would be great.

New Calendar
The Calendar is also a new feature. It now incorporates the UK, European, Penny Farthing and Juggling events!

Google Reviews

Finally, we would really appreciate your help building our google rating. If you have been happy with our service and would like to leave us a review we would be most grateful. Please follow the link to leave us a google review.


We hope you enjoy browsing our new site!



UDC Sponsored riders at EUC

Winter EUC 2019 was a only put on the calendar at the last minute but it filled up rapidly. The event was hosted at it's old home in Koln. The venue has a large warehouse hall and massive skatepark next door. This as always creates a dynamic and fun event.

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