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Schlumpf Powered Penny Farthing

We have been invited to attend Pennies in the park at the Thoresby Festival of Cycling, trading and entering in the Penny Farthing race. This caused a little problem in the office.. "We don't have a Penny Farthing?.. Oh erm.. erm" so we decided to build one.  Rummaging though the UDC loft we came across a Qu-Ax Penny Farthing with bent forks and no front wheel, perfect start.

Next thing we couldn't just rock up on a standard Penny Farthing that would just be wrong, so decided to use a old 36" Nimbus frame as the front forks to replace the bent ones. Doing this we had 42mm bearings so we could run ISIS hub and cranks.. or better yet a Schlumpf. That day roger had rode in on his 36" Schlumpf, can you see where this is going? We robbed his wheel..

We've been doing lots of testing of disk brakes at the moment and our friend Kris Holm has sent us a pair of his prototype cranks to test with our d'brake, so it would of been rude not to shot the disc brake on our creation so we could stop.  Everything went together very quickly and we went out for a "test",  Its well... quite fast! Strangely very comfortable, and completely hilarious.

Gear changing on the Schlumpf is really easy and the whole thing is suprisingly easy to ride.  Cycle computer off Rogers 36" was slapped on there as well so we can see how fast we motoring along. Now we're quitely convident for our penny farthing race now..  Best bits of unicycle tech injected on to a penny farthing.


After having all that fun... we were told that our fantastic creation could not race in the big wheel event as it is too small!  Oh well, we will bring it along and have fun with it anyway.


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