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Cutting down Unicycles not just Seatposts

For younger riders 16" and 20" unicycle are fine but what happens when they want to ride the bigger wheels? Unicycle.com are on hand to make the unicycles fit the riders. Read on for more details.

Above are two 24" Club Freestyle Unicycles, the one of the right is a standard out of the box and the one on the left is a custom shortened version. To create the shortened version we have swapped the cranks from the standard 127mm cranks to 102cm cranks, shortening the unicycle by 25mm.

Next we have removed the 300mm seatpost and replaced it with a 200mm that was then cut down a little more making the post a 150mm. Then to get the saddle down them last couple of inches, we have cut the frame of the unicycle down by two inches so saddle would be down to our magic number 24"(this size was requested by the buyer we could go smaller) .

For a small charge we can wave this kind of magic on almost any unicycle.  Just can't fit on the Kris Holm Long-Keck? 29 and 36s two big? We really mean any unicycle check out the 12" we did...

Finally couple of customers have been concerned that when the riders start to grow these unicycle are fixed to there new custom height, this is totally not the case all you need is a longer seatpost like any unicycle.



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