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2017 Kris Holm Schlumpf Hubs are in stock

The newest generation of the Schlumpf hub is now in stock.

Schlumpf HubThis is the latest generation of the renowned Kris Holm Schlumpf hub.

The Schlumpf hub has two gear-ratios: Direct Drive 1:1 and Overdrive 1:1.5. This means a 29" will run like a 44" and a 36" like a 54"! So you can can go much faster than ever but without loosing any climbing torque or maneuverability.

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This newer model has be designed to be used in conjunction with the latest Kris Holm frames (older frames are compatible) and is fully disc brake compatible.

The Discovery Science Channel - Crew from "How It's Made" visited the workshop to make a film about how the hubs are made. See below


A Schlumpf Powered Oracle

Some of you who keep a eye on the UDC Blog my remember our Schlumpf Powered Penny-Farthing.

Well one of customers loved the idea so much he bought his own Schlumpf gearbox and persuaded us to sell him pretty much all of it, leaving us with a 36" wheel with and the KH prototype cranks.

They kicked around the warehouse collecting dust until one day we got on to the topic of Schlumpf MUni.  It toke us minutes to realise we haven't seen a Oracle with a gearbox. Couple of days of testing and fiddling we give you (we think?) the first Oracle with a Schlumpf, and its a complete animial!

Imagine MUni where possible you can motor along like a 39" wheel! Then when the going gets tuff you click down and you have a 26" wheel with 150mm cranks to make the terrain easy.

The UDC office love the combo between Nimbus, Kris Holm and Schlumpf with a Hope Brake could this be the ultimate MUni? We think it comes very close.

Schlumpf Powered Penny Farthing

We have been invited to attend Pennies in the park at the Thoresby Festival of Cycling, trading and entering in the Penny Farthing race. This caused a little problem in the office.. "We don't have a Penny Farthing?.. Oh erm.. erm" so we decided to build one.  Rummaging though the UDC loft we came across a Qu-Ax Penny Farthing with bent forks and no front wheel, perfect start.

Next thing we couldn't just rock up on a standard Penny Farthing that would just be wrong, so decided to use a old 36" Nimbus frame as the front forks to replace the bent ones. Doing this we had 42mm bearings so we could run ISIS hub and cranks.. or better yet a Schlumpf. That day roger had rode in on his 36" Schlumpf, can you see where this is going? We robbed his wheel..

We've been doing lots of testing of disk brakes at the moment and our friend Kris Holm has sent us a pair of his prototype cranks to test with our d'brake, so it would of been rude not to shot the disc brake on our creation so we could stop.  Everything went together very quickly and we went out for a "test",  Its well... quite fast! Strangely very comfortable, and completely hilarious.

Gear changing on the Schlumpf is really easy and the whole thing is suprisingly easy to ride.  Cycle computer off Rogers 36" was slapped on there as well so we can see how fast we motoring along. Now we're quitely convident for our penny farthing race now..  Best bits of unicycle tech injected on to a penny farthing.


After having all that fun... we were told that our fantastic creation could not race in the big wheel event as it is too small!  Oh well, we will bring it along and have fun with it anyway.

Schlumpf Geared hubs back in stock

We have just received our batch of new hub from Switzerland.  The quality of these hubs seams to improve with every batch.  The latest ones include the dust seal and feel super precise.

Playing with cadence on unicycles

I was out today on my 36" Schlumpf unicycle.  While blasting along the salt flats towards Hartlepool I was listening to my music and wondering what music would have the same beat as my pedal rate.... besides that, what was my pedal rate?  When I got back I dragged up an old spreadsheet that I had for working out the correct crank length.  Click here to download spreadsheet

So the answer is that I need to find music with a beat of 121 beats per minute!  Now I need to try and work out how to determine what the beat of a music is.... hmmm

Anyone got any ideas?

26" Schlumpf Muni Video

Here is another quick video from our favorite 55 year old muni addict, showing us few new shifting techniques and what fun Schlumpf munis are.

Doing a Triathlon using a unicycle

On Sunday, 21st August 2011, I did the Stockon Sprint Triathlon.  This was a 750m river swim, 20k cycle and 5k run.  Of course I chose to do the cycle using my 36" geared unicycle.

I had not announced to the organisers that I would be riding a unicycle, I just rocked up with it and racked it with the 239 other bikes in my race. 

I am not the best of open water swimmers but am competent.  Even with me weaving left and right on the course I came out of the water in 17th place only 1 minute behind the fastest.

The cycle was fun, I definately got the biggest cheer as I went by the large crowd.  I will not say that I beat lots of bikes, I did not, I only over took 8 bikes.  I suffered a lot in the blustery wind and I completed it in a time of 53minutes and in 127th place.  My speeds for the race were interesting; I cruised at just over 20mph and got a top speed of 24.8mph.

I had decided that I was not going to do the run as I had been having hip and knee problems.   Although as I came in to the transition I had my friend Keith shouting at me to hurry up, this was the quick transition as I didn't have to change my shoes.

So I plodded out of the transition area thinking, well I could walk it if I had to.  I then noticed that everyone was going really slow... I jogged along next to a guy for a bit, he then stopped!  So I told him that if I ran, he certainly must do too!  So we plodded on and I got more confident as I got less pain, eventually leaving that guy and turning in a reasonable time in the end and coming in in 57th place.

I eventually finished in 19th place in my catagory and 63rd overall.  Not bad I think for my first Triathlon.

Schlumpf Shift Button Installation & Downshifting

Now that our blog is finally upgraded i can post up this video we were emailed a couple days ago, from Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson.

First two minutes is a brief tutorial on crank and shift button installation for the Schlumpf 2-speed internal geared hub.  The second half shows Terry shifting while riding, downshifting for hills and pulling away FAST! And listen to the comments...

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