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Galactic Unicycle fundraiser

11 year old William is raising money for Greentop Circus, a registered charity.


William has Autism and school has historically been challenging for him. Greentop Youth Circus is a place that accepts William for who he is and a place where he has developed his self esteem and friendships.

The fundraiser is a unicycle ride following a dis-used railway line. Along the way there are models of planets....you can uni the entire Solar System in 6.4 miles!

William is attempting to unicycle double that and do the return journey. It is up to you how much you would like to ride. There are pubs not far from the track and places you could arrange family or friends to pick you up if you decide do just part of it.

We would like to draw media attention to this and ask you to invite other Unicycle enthusiasts you know to join in or cheer us on, so please get sharing this event.

There is a Cafe at Naburn Station which has a large outdoor seating area where people can watch, we'd like to get a good crowd.

This is a sponsored event. There is sponsorship forms you can print off from this link

After hearing about Greentop's financial struggles, William is really worried his Youth Circus will be affected and is determined to help them. Please help William do this and get asking family and friends to sponsor you.

If you can please join William and support him. He would love as many unicyclists as possible to be there.  For more info visit the Facebook Event Page


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