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Deal of the week - 36" Nimbus Oracle

This week we are offering the Awesome 36" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle with Disc Brake as our Deal of the week.

The 36" Nimbus Oracle with Disc Brake is usually available for the great price of £495.

But for one week only you can get this amazing unicycle for only £415.

36" Nimbus Oracle Disc Unicycle - Green

Here is what some customer have said about the 36" Nimbus Oracle:

Moving up to a 36 inch wheel was a bit daunting at first, but I got used to it with regular practice. I can't fault the advice, support and quality of service offered by Unicycle.com. It really was first class. I was unsure about buying the unicycle with a brake at first, but I'm glad I did in the end as it is very useful. The heavier wheel naturally gathers momentum when going down hills, and the brake controls it so well. This unicycle really gives a smooth and solid ride once you have mastered it.
I am really pleased with this unicycle and with the excellent service and support given.

Still getting to grips with this beast of a unicycle but I am impressed with the quality and high component specification.
Definitely a head-turner and that brake allows very fine operation without any snatching whatsoever.


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