29" Nimbus Hatchet Unicycle... Yes 29"

29" Nimbus Hatchet Unicycle

They have been available in the US for a while but, we finally have the Hatchet in a 29" version! Plus, it comes with lovely specification...

They have the new 55mm wide Dominator+ rims wrapped in the amazing Duro Crux 29x3.25" tyre.

The latest Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brake with a 180mm rotor, and 150mm Nimbus VCX cranks.

The new 29" wheelset fits perfectly inside the swept back Hatchet frame. The main challenge with “Fat-Uni’s” is the requirement for a super wide frame. This can make it uncomfortable to ride as it catches the riders' legs. To resolve this the Nimbus Hatchet moves the frame behind the riders legs giving maximum clearance. 

It also come with the latest generation of the Stadium saddle with super soft foam.


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