New products from Nimbus Unicycles


As like, Nimbus Unicycle is also releasing new products. These though are more tailored to the distance riders our there.

Nimbus Air Cover - Blue

It has been said that there is no such thing as a comfortable unicycle saddle... but this certainly helps to convert the instrument of torture that the standard unicycle is into something that has a modicum of comfort. The Nimbus Air Cover is designed to be a universal fit and fits over the top of your standard unicycle saddle. The stretch cover and ties envelope the whole saddle and holds the enclosed bladder firmly in place on top of the saddle.

Nimbus Saddle Handle - Black

This is a completely new version of the saddle handle found on the Nimbus Stadium saddle. With this handle having a large hole you can now hold it more like a traditional handlebar. The handle has been completely re-designed with many edges smoothed off giving a firm comfortable contact area. This makes it one of the most comfortable handles out there.

Nimbus Unicycle Air Saddle - Black

Finally the big item from Nimbus, the Air Saddle! Nimbus Air Saddle offer comfort for journey's big and small. It took 5 years to develop this baffled air bladder embedded into the Nimbus Stadium cushion for the perfect mix of plush support smoothing out those miles. New stitching and slightly tweaked cover should make this the post comfortable saddle from Nimbus.



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