New products from Impact Unicycles

All these new products are coming in fast and Impact are not going to be left behind, with updates to existing products, completely new ones. Plus a collaboration with Kris Holm!

Lets start with the revised products.

Impact Eiffel Tower ISIS Cranks - 118 & 140mm (Polished)


A new look for the 2020 Eiffel Tower cranks. Gone is the black finish we have seen for the past 10+ yrs. These cranks are now available in a beautiful polished finish with black inset details, a truly classy looking crank. The Outer profile has been kept the same but on the rear there have been a few changes.

To improve the torsional stiffness of the crank the evenly machined pocketing dept has been replaced with a tapered pocket design. This provides stiffness where it is required and removes excess material that is not required. This has increased the weight by a few grams but the performance benefits out way the weight implications. As tested by multi times World Champion and World record holder Mike Taylor.

Impact Unify Unicycle Seatpost 350mm (27.2)

All new seatpost for Impact. Working in conjunction with Kris Holm, Impact Unicycles are now able to offer one of the best seatposts available. This seatpost is of a one-piece construction which minimizes any points of weakness i.e. joints.

For additional strength, a butted collar has been added just below the plate but still allows for the saddle to be lowered all the way for shorter riders. The head of the seatpost is super smooth and the profile fits perfectly to any Impact saddle.

Impact Saddle Handle - Black (Big - Without Hole)

The newest Impact saddle handle is slightly longer than the 2016 version. This has been done after riders gave feedback that they wanted more room for their hand. This has also given better grip in a variety of positions. This handle will fit all Impact and Nimbus saddles from 2016 on wards.

All these products and more will be available here in the UK late-July.


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