Testing the Duro Crux 29" x 3.25" tyre

Testing the Duro Crux 29" x 3.25" tyre

The Duro Crux 29" x 3.25" tyre is a high volume tyre and comes under the category 29+ tyre. It has a modern light weight carcass so even with it's massive size and meaty treads, it only weighs 1.2kg.

For testing I put the tyre in my Nimbus hatchet frame on a Nimbus Dominator 2 rim (42mm wide). The tyre was mounted in normal unicycle format as a front tyre and the test pressures were between 25 and 15psi.

I had switched out a 29x3.0 tyre and immediately noticed the size difference in these tyres, the Crux seam massive in comparison and almost totally filled the Hatchet frame, looking like it was made for that frame.

At this time of year the North Yorkshire Moors are cold, wet and muddy... This also makes it not only great fun for Muni, but also a great test ground for this kind of aggressive tyres.

The first impression of the tyre on the trails is that it offered amazing grip and control. Starting at 25psi as this was where I thought the tyre might be at it's weakest pressure I was surprised at how well it rode, there was no signs of roll or camber problems at all. The tyre did not drag at all. It even hopped well giving excellent rebound. It simply ploughed on through everything I could find. The mud cleared easily from the wide spaced tread blocks. The tyre even offered surprisingly good grip over the exposed rooted sections of the trail. The only time I did get the tyre to slip what on steep, exposed, wet, mud covered rocks. Then realising I was running at the higher pressure, I dropped the pressure a little and even that section was not a problem. When I say slip, it was quickly regained and did not cause a UPD. The lower pressure immediately dealt with that grip problem and nicely did not change the other characteristic of the tyre with the exception of when on the road section where it had the feel of a soft Muni tyre... too much grip and wobble, but that is not surprising and not what this tyre is designed for.

From the test I can say that the tyre is well behaved under most conditions while offering exception grip in some of the worst environments out there for unicycles or bikes.

This will not be everyone's ideal tyre as it depends on the rider or environment. It is ideal for riders who like the typical off-road trails in the UK where grip is essential and this tyre is definitely king of the mud. If you are riding slickrock or in dust I am not sure it would be the best.



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