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UDC Penny Farthing Spring Sale

UDC Penny Farthing Spring Sale

UDC Penny Farthing Spring Sale

Over the next month, all the UDC Penny Farthings have a 30% discount! This means the Mk3 was £1090.00 and is now available for £763.00. We also have the last two Mk2.5 available in custom colours for a crazy, £696.50!!

What customers have said about UDC Penny Farthings

I bought the 48" Penny Farthing and it is fantastic. Nick and Roger both were so knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating through the entire process. They were always quick to respond to all my questions. They were also very accommodating to my additional requests for the build of my bike so it would be just how I wanted it. It's a great product.

Both my UDC bikes are 2.5 models. I have many times recommended your bikes to various customers and am prepared to continue doing so. It's one of the very best bikes on the market and the price is unbeatable. My 54 is from 2013 and the 52 is from 2014.

I have been a rider since I can remember and have raced BMX and MTB since 1982 (not 1882) and I have always trained on the road...but when I got my UDC Penny Farthing as a gift, I could not believe how much fun it is to get back to the real roots of cycling! The raw beginnings of two wheel transport and the direct drive speed make for a no excuses ride that you literally have direct control over. It's not a difficult ride and its simple to learn, a little skip, a hop onto the sear and feet to pedals you are doing it! I'm working on getting to race proficiency and then who knows!!! Great bike, great value and ultimate fun on one big and one little wheel!!!



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