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UNICON 2020 - Newsletter

UNICON 2020 - the unicycle world championships

UNICON is the unicycle world championships. The event is hosted every 2 years in different locations around the world. In July 2020 it is being located in Grenoble, France.  This event is nothing less than amazing, the variety and skill of the riders is inspiring combined with the camaraderie of 1000's of unicyclists makes this an event you do not want to miss.

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Summer Sale!

August Summer sale is here!

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If you haven't seen already Unicon 19 is underway. Go and have a look at all the action and be inspired to get up and riding ready for the next Unicon!  You can catch all the latest news, pictures and live videos on their facebook page


UNICON 2018 - Update

UNICON the unicycle world championships.



UNICON is by way and far largest and diverse unicycle event in the world.  All unicycle disciplines from freestyle to trials to Muni and racing are incorporated.  The event is held over 14 days, every 2 years.   The next event is in July/August 2018 in Korea.

UK Team

The UK team is typically about 30 people and consists of a mixture of abilities. Some of them are beginners and want to attend just to see other riders compete, to the manic expert riders who will bring home medals.

UNICON Newsletter

If you are interested in the event do register your interest on the UNICON website so you receive their newsletter.  You can see Newsletter 3 here. They have important information about the change in venue, the event is now in Ansan, not Seoul.

Joining the UK team

Also contact us at Unicycle.com and we can advise you about the event and how to enter.  We generally help co-ordinate the UK team and want to hear from you.

Closing dates...

The entry cost for spectator and competitors increases closer to the event, the first closing date for entries is 14th December 2017.  So don't dawdle!



This is Flatland Unicycling 2017

'This is Flatland Unicycling 2017' is an awesome new video put together from Unicon last year by Edd Hawkes. The video features some of the best Flatland riding from the world championships.

What is flatland?

Flatland Unicycling is about doing tricks on flat ground (usually pavement). There are virtually an infinite number of ways to ride a unicycle. The challenge is purely related to the difficulty of moves. Here at unicycle.com we can highly recommend the Impact Reagent Unicycle for flatland riding.



Success at UNICON

IMG_4476smallUnicycle.com were one of the traders at UNICON (the world unicycle championships) in San Sebastian this year.   Roger Davies and Edd Hawkes manned the stall over the 10 days of the of the event.  Although the days were long, fixing and maintaining unicycles, both riders went out and did some riding.

Edd competed in the Trials, Slopestyle and all the Muni events.  He did particularly well in the downhill where he qualified for the Elite category!

Roger competed in the longer distance events and all the Muni.  He came home with 5 medals.  2 first place and 3 second place.

Marathon Unlimited, 50+ Male 2nd
10k Unlimited, 50+ Male 2nd
Muni Cross Country Elite 50+ male 1st
Muni Uphill 50+ Male 1st
Cyclocross Unlimited 30+ Male 2nd


We also got out to see some of the local hill when there was a downhill/muni workshop on the local hills only a few miles away.


If you want to read more about the biannual event that is UNICON, you can read about it at UNICON website.

Roger does Sewing

Came into work today to find Roger sat in the warehouse inside our new Unicycle.com tent with his sewing machine out.  He is working on our new stand that we are taking to Unicon.


Unicycle bags now in stock

Planning a trip to Unicon? Or maybe you want an easier way to transport your unicycle? Check out the unicycle bags we have in stock.

We have the O-Some bags which come in 20", 24", 26", 29" and 36". Unlike regular unicycle bags where they are more like a backpack, the O-Some bag is more like a holdall with its middle handle and single shoulder strap. This design makes for a very minimalist bag which can be an advantage when traveling.


We also have the Qu-Ax bags. Saddle and pedals do not have to be demounted for transport. The pedals rest in the special pedal compartments and the construction of the backpack prevents the pedals from poking your back.

QuAxBag3 QuAxBag1

Unicon 16 DVD Now available at Unicycle.com

Did you miss out on going to Italy for the 16th Unicycle World Championships?  We can't take you back in time, but we do have this comprehensive DVD that captures the essence of the event.  74 mins of Unicon action to inspire and motivate you, Maybe you'll be at Unicon 17 in 2014

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