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Success at UNICON

IMG_4476smallUnicycle.com were one of the traders at UNICON (the world unicycle championships) in San Sebastian this year.   Roger Davies and Edd Hawkes manned the stall over the 10 days of the of the event.  Although the days were long, fixing and maintaining unicycles, both riders went out and did some riding.

Edd competed in the Trials, Slopestyle and all the Muni events.  He did particularly well in the downhill where he qualified for the Elite category!

Roger competed in the longer distance events and all the Muni.  He came home with 5 medals.  2 first place and 3 second place.

Marathon Unlimited, 50+ Male 2nd
10k Unlimited, 50+ Male 2nd
Muni Cross Country Elite 50+ male 1st
Muni Uphill 50+ Male 1st
Cyclocross Unlimited 30+ Male 2nd


We also got out to see some of the local hill when there was a downhill/muni workshop on the local hills only a few miles away.


If you want to read more about the biannual event that is UNICON, you can read about it at UNICON website.


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